Week 4 NFL Power Rankings

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1. Los Angeles Rams (#1 last week)

Record: 4-0

Wins: Oakland, Arizona, LA Chargers, Minnesota

Losses: N/A

OFF: 1st   DEF: 9th

Thoughts: The Rams are the clear cut team to be the best in the NFL. Gurley is having a huge year. Jared Goff is having an MVP type season at QB. He is having an arguable better year than Mahomes.
2. Kansas City Chiefs (#2 last week)

Record: 4-0

Wins: LA Chargers, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, @Denver

Losses: N/A

OFF: 7th DEF:32nd

Thoughts: The Chiefs can’t cover a sole. They gave up 500 yards to the Chargers in week one but Mahomes keeps putting up a lot of points. He has out performed both Phillip Rivers and Ben Rotheisburger. They are lethal on offense.

3. Baltimore Ravens (#10 last week)

Record: 3-1

Wins: Buffalo, Denver, @Pittsburgh

Losses: @Cincinnati

OFF: 10th DEF: 2nd

Thoughts: I think this could arguable be the best team in the NFL come December. They have both Pittsburgh and Cincinnati at home later this season. They are one of two teams in rank in the Top 10 in offense and defense.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars (#9 last week)

Record: 3-1

Wins: @NY Giants, New England, NY Jets

Losses: Titans

OFF: 15th DEF: 1st

Thoughts: Just like last year they have an elite defense. If Bortles can avoid turnovers and score points they will go far.

5. Cincinnati Bengals (#11 last week)


Wins: @Colts, Ravens, @Atlanta

Losses: @Panthers

OFF:16th DEF:29th

Thoughts: When you look at Cincinnati, you see a bad defense but they are the only team to beat the Ravens. So, I have kinda shot the Bengals up the rankings for that reason.

6. New Orleans Saints (#4 last week)


Wins: Browns, @Atlanta, @NY Giants

Losses: Tampa Bay

OFF: 4th DEF: 24th

Thoughts: I really like New Orleans on offense and okay on defense. Drew Brees is getting Ingram back this week. Kamara and Ingram are the two best running backs that Drew has ever had. They look lethal on offense. Question is can they stop the passing game if they get a lead?

7. Carolina Panthers (#6 last week)

Record: 2-1

Wins: Dallas, Cincinnati

Losses: @Atlanta

OFF: 18th DEF: 14th

Thoughts: Carolina has played some tough games. They are a very balanced football. I think Cam Newton and Luke Kuechley got some much needed rest. They already have the Atlanta road game out of the way.

8. Washington Redskins (#15 last week)


Wins: Cardinals, Packers

Losses: @Colts

OFF:14th DEF: 3rd

Thoughts: They have a very good defense. Alex Smith has this team doing pretty well. They were able to beat the Packers. I like them moving forward in a mediocre division.

9. Tennessee Titans (#22 last week)

Record: 3-1

Wins: Houston, @Jacksonville, Philadelphia

Losses: @Miami

OFF: 26th DEF:16th

Thoughts: The Titans may have arguable two of the biggest upsets this season. But let us bump the breaks on this train. They are 26th in offense and 16th in defense. You won’t go far without having a top 10 defense or offense especially without Mariota’s security blanket.

10. Philadelphia Eagles (#3 last week)

Record: 2-2

Wins: Atlanta, @Indianapolis

Losses: Tampa Bay, @Tennessee

OFF:20th DEF:10th

Thoughts: Their defense on the final drive looked pretty terrible. Statically they are not bad but they couldn’t tackle and made too many errors on that drive. They have wins against teams that are a combined 2-6. Carson Wentz hasn’t looked himself yet.
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11. Green Bay Packers (#17 last week)

Record: 2-1-1

Wins: Chicago, Buffalo

Losses: @Washington

Ties: Minnesota

OFF: 17th DEF: 6th

Thoughts: Aaron Rodgers with a defense? This is unheard of. Rodgers thinks it is a super bowl defense. If that is the case then getting Jimmy Graham going will be very important. If they can sustain long drives with first downs than they will be tough to be beat.

12. Chicago Bears (#20 last week)

Record: 3-1

Wins: Seahawks, @Cardinals, Tampa Bay

Losses: @Green Bay

OFF: 22nd DEF: 4th

Thoughts: The Bears have an elite defensive line. Their offense is very average but they will continue to win with a good running game and great defense.

13. New England Patriots (#19 last week)

Record: 2-2

Wins: Houston, Miami

Losses: @Jacksonville, @Detroit

OFF: 23rd DEF: 11th

Thoughts: They looked bad against Detroit. I really think they will figure it out. I was never into the whole sky is falling narrative.

14. Atlanta Falcons (#8 last week)

Record: 1-3

Wins: Carolina

Losses: @Philadelphia, New Orleans, Cincinnati

OFF: 7th DEF: 28th

Thoughts: Atlanta has a problem. They can’t get off the field. That will keep them from winning these close games. They have lost to three teams that could all be in the playoffs. I really don’t like their play-calling in the red area. They tend to take the ball out of the hands of their best player, Julio Jones. He had over 1400 yards and only 3 touchdowns last ye

15. Denver Broncos (#13 last week)

Record: 2-2

Wins: Seattle, Oakland

Losses: @Baltimore, Kansas City

OFF: 13th DEF:17th

Thoughts: Denver is a very balanced team. They run the ball really good on offense. That is a recipe for success with Case Keenum at quarterback. They have elite pass rushers. So, if they get a lead it will hard to comeback with those two aspects.

16. Los Angeles Chargers (#15 last week)

Record: 2-2

Wins: Buffalo, San Francisco

Losses: Kansas City, @LA Rams

OFF: 9th DEF: 23rd

Thoughts: If they can eliminate the bad drops they could be an elite offense. Their defense will get torched on the back end if they can’t consistently pressure the quarterback. Phillip Rivers looks good and I like Melvin Gordon running the football. All depends if they can stop anyone. Could have easily beat Kansas City but they couldn’t get off the field.
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17. Pittsburgh Steelers (#14 last week)


Wins: Tampa Bay

Losses: Kansas City, Baltimore

Ties: Cleveland

OFF: 6th DEF: 30th

Thoughts: They have lost to two of the best teams in the league. Out scored Tampa Bay and basically gave the game to Cleveland. I think they will figure it out offensively but they can not cover a sole in the passing game. Their linebackers are good at stopping the run but get exposed in coverage. To make matters worse their corners can’t cover anyone in man to man. Which is a staple of this Steelers defense.

18. Minnesota Vikings (#7 last week)

Record: 1-2-1

Wins: San Francisco

Losses: Buffalo

Ties: @Green Bay, @LA Rams

OFF: 12th DEF: 21st

Thoughts: Their defense fell from 7th to 21st in the league in yards after getting torched by the Rams. Unless they can figure out how to run the ball with Kirk Cousins at quarterback. I wonder if it is a Kirk Cousins problem. He has never had a productive running game. Maybe that has to be with his problem with interceptions. And his teams end up trailing.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (#6 last week)


Wins: @New Orleans, Philadelphia

Losses: Pittsburgh, Chicago

OFF: 3rd DEF: 31st

Thoughts: They rank 3rd in offense but they can’t run the ball to save their life. With Winston at quarterback they won’t be as successful. What definitely won’t change is the fact that they are atrocious in the secondary. And playing in the South they will get destroyed. The quarterback play is too good in this division.

20. Miami Dolphins (#12 last week)

Record 3-1

Wins: Tennessee, @NY Jets, Oakland

Losses: @New England

OFF: 23rd DEF:21st

Thoughts: Miami still can’t win in Foxborough. It has been over a decade. They beat a rusty Tennessee team and two bottom of the league teams. We saw the true Miami team verse the Patriots. They were always a fraudulent undefeated team.

21. Dallas Cowboys (#25 last week)

Record: 2-2

Wins: NY Giants, Detroit

Losses: @Carolina, @Seattle

OFF:27th DEF: 5th

Thoughts: They have a top 5 defense with an Elite defensive line. They get after the quarterback. Offensively they are very one dimensional. They won at home and lost on the road. Looks like another 8-8 year.

22. Detroit Lions (#21 last week)

Record: 1-3

Wins: Patriots

Losses: NY Jets, @San Francisco, @Dallas

OFF: 11th DEF: 8th

Thoughts: I just never know what Lions team is going to show up. If the team that showed up the last two weeks shows up they’ll definitely win games but if not it could get ugly fast.

23. Houston Texans (#29 last week)

Record: 1-3

Wins: Indianapolis

Losses: @New England, @Tennessee, NY Giants

OFF: 5th DEF: 22nd

Thoughts: Their offense is putting up the yards just can’t seem to punch it in the endzone when in the red area. Like the Cowboys they have an Elite pass rush but a very suspect secondary. If they can start putting up points I think they could climb the Rankings.

24. Cleveland Browns (#18 last week)

Record: 1-2-1

Wins: Jets

Losses: Saints, Oakland

Ties: Steelers

OFF: 19th DEF: 25th

Thoughts: With a quarterback change the offense has become more dynamic. Which they will need to compete in the North. Defense will get torched by a good passing game. And of course they’ll face a few more of those in the North. They could easily be 4-0 but they are the Browns and keep figuring out how to lose. Hue Jackson will again find himself high on my Hot Seat List.

25. Oakland Raiders (#31 last week)

Record: 1-3

Wins: Cleveland

Losses: LA Rams, @Denver, @Miami

OFF: 2nd DEF: 27th

Thoughts: Oakland should be 0-4 but the Browns figured out how to give it away. Their defensive line is non-existent. Only two teams are giving up more rushing yards. They have no pass rush. Which gets their secondary torched. If they can;t get after the quarterback, teams like Kansas City and LA Chargers will completely destroy them.

26. Seattle Seahawks (#24 last week)

Record: 2-2

Wins: Dallas, Arizona

Losses: Denver, @Chicago

OFF: 28th DEF: 26th

Thoughts: Seattle is horrible on defense. Oh yes I said it. What made them great the last few years is their downfall. They can’t give Russell Wilson enough time to throw the ball. He is constantly running for his life. They barely escaped with a win with the worst team in the NFL.

27. Indianapolis Colts (#23 last week)

Record: 1-3

Wins: Washington

Losses: Cincinnati, @Philadelphia, @Houston

OFF: 24th DEF: 19th

Thoughts: The Colts are a middle of the road defensive team. They will never be able to ice a game. They can’t give Andrew Luck a running game at all. They rank 29th in the league in rushing. Obviously the talk will be the fourth down call but I don’t have a problem with the call just the execution. They were lucky to be in that situation after allowing Houston to jump out to a 28-10 lead.

28. San Francisco 49ers (#26 last week)

Record: 1-3

Wins: Detroit

Losses: @Minnesota,@Kansas City, @LA Chargers

OFF: 21st DEF: 20th

Thoughts: Their defense ranks in the Top 15 in passing and rushing. They’ll keep them in games but without consistency at the quarterback position I don’t like their chances to win too many games.

29. New York Jets (#27 last week)

Record: 1-3

Wins: Detroit

Losses: Miami, @Cleveland, @Jacksonville

OFF: 29th DEF: 13th

Thoughts: The Jets defense will keep them in games. With a rookie quarterback they are facing an up hill battle if they can’t get some leads and run the ball. Which they have not done much of either.

30. New York Giants (#28 last week)

Record: 1-3

Wins: Houston

Losses: Jacksonville, @Dallas, New Orleans

OFF: 25th DEF: 12th

Thoughts: They can’t consistently run it because of the scores of their games. Down early and often is not a recipe for success when you have a running back as good as Saquan Barkley. Odell Beckham has been some what quite. Some of that has to be because before this week they couldn’t block a sole. And defensive lines like Dallas and Philadelphia will destroy this offense.

31. Buffalo Bills (#30 last week)

Record: 1-3

Wins: @Minnesota

Losses: @Baltimore, LA Chargers, @Green Bay

OFF: 31st DEF: 15th

Thoughts: They have a Top 15 defense but with a rookie quarterback that had accuracy issues both in college and now in the NFL, they will be in bad situations. Not going to win games with a team that can’t run or pass the ball consistently.

32. Arizona Cardinals (#32 last week)

Record: 0-4

Wins: N/A

Losses: Washington, @LA Rams, Chicago, Seattle

OFF: 32nd DEF: 18th

Thoughts: They won’t win a lot of games avg less than 210 yards on offense. Only one team is on defensive as much as the Cardinals defense. That is definitely not a recipe for success. Then you factor in the lack of offense this team may not win more than one game. Good sign is that they have been in back to back field goal games.
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