The Corona Virus Blocks the Sports World

Greg Cowan
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The sports world is being turned upside down. The world in general is because of the corona virus. As of writing this, all major sports leagues will be suspending activity for the foreseeable future. It all started with the news of Rudy Gobert, the center for the Jazz, testing positive for the virus. That news started an avalanche of decisions, the NBA suspended the season within an hour of the news. Today, the NHL, MLB, MLS, and NCAA have followed suit.

NFL Update on Twitter

NBA suspended indefinitely - MLB suspended indefinitely - NHL suspended indefinitely - Big East Tournament canceled - SEC Tournament canceled - AAC Tournament canceled - ACC Tournament canceled - Big 10 Tournament canceled - Pac-12 Tournament canceled - MLS suspended 30 days

I agree with the decision 100%, and it's not that hard to understand why. Viruses and germs spread much faster in large gatherings of people. That's just science. It makes sense to cancel events that cause large gatherings on a regular basis. When looking at March Madness it especially makes sense, a tournament that has thousands of people from different areas converging together and then dispersing back to those areas could cause massive spreading of the virus.

Of course, as a sports fan it is going to be odd having zero sports on. I'll probably be reduced to gambling on the over/under of how many goldfish my kid eats, but if it's for the greater good, that's fine by me. Sports will start back up at some point. Does it suck for athletes in college who have had their final seasons taken away from them? Yes, obviously, and I feel bad for them that those games and memories are taken away. It also stinks for pro athletes like Vince Carter whose career potentially ended last night with the suspension. That is the reality we are faced with and we will have to deal with it.

In the end, everyone will get by without having sports in the world. Read a book, spend time with your family, go through the thousands of e-mails that have been sitting in your inbox since 2009. We will get through it. Plus, if it's any consolation, if March Madness does take place....Duke is already eliminated:

Mark Titus on Twitter

No matter what happens from here, let the record show that Duke was officially the first team eliminated from the 2020 NCAA tournament.

So at least theres that to comfort all of us during this trying time.

Stay safe everyone.

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