The Cincinnati and Dayton Sports Podcast – 6/14/2020


Greetings listeners,

This episode begins Streak Week on The Cincinnati and Dayton Sports Podcast! While I know that the poll didn’t vote this way, I don’t like sitting on interviews I do too terribly long. Hence, eight episodes in eight days with eight different interviews! I had a blast interviewing all eight folks, and I hope that you’ll enjoy these episodes throughout the next few days.

This episode is #156 for my podcast, as I interview Jacob Wise of the Chillicothe Paints. Jacob broadcasts with the Prospect League team and helps run the league-wide PLTV service.

We talk about the following:

  • The Chillicothe Paints and the 2019 Prospect League Championship
  • Jacob’s career and what else he does during the off-season
  • The Prospect League and what could have been the 2020 Season
  • The Paints’ beginnings in the Frontier League (and several markets with similar backgrounds.)

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Until tomorrow for Episode 157,


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