We Talk Sports Good NBA Draft Part 2

Part 2 of live react and give analysis for the NBA draft picks last night.   The guys also discuss different free agent and trade rumors as well for this offseason!  Follow us on Twitter @WeTalkSportGood and instagram @WeTalkSportsGood

We Talk Sports Good NFL Mock Draft Special

Dom and Randell are joined by Caleb, Jacob, and Thomas as they continue their Annual 1st round mock draft special! The guys split up the teams and act as GM by making the picks and making trades throughout the first round.  Follow us on twitter @WeTalkSportGood

The Sports Stance Ep. 166: Draft Me to Proper No. 12

IT’S DRAFT WEEKEND!!!! The NFL draft is here and the guys talk about the top picks and how the 49ers pick particularly could shift how the rest of the draft unfolds. Plus how does the Broncos trade to acquire Teddy Bridgewater change things? Will the Patriots trade up? Will the […]