Switzerland Defeats Finland 5-2, Finishes 2nd in Group A

Ethan Yarbro

Switzerland closes out the round robin preliminary portion of the tournament with a win against Finland. The final score was 5-2, as the Swiss posted 22 shots on goal versus Finland’s 38 shots on goal. Switzerland wins a huge final game against the defending championship team Finland and improves to second place in the Group A standings. The Swiss team have made it out of the round robin portion of the tournament and now need to set their eyes towards working their way through the quarterfinals to get closer of getting a medal placement. They now have a game scheduled to play against Russia in the quarterfinals the day following New Year’s Day. Coming out of the round robin with a record 3 wins and 1 loss, the team will need to focus on making it out of the quarterfinals.

Switzerland comes out for the game off of a 7 to 2 win over Slovakia and looks to upset Finland. Finland opens the scoring in the first period and the Swiss go into the locker room down by a point. The first period showed chances for scoring from both teams, but Finland capitalizes first and look to keep the lead going into the second period. However, even though Finland would go on to score another goal, which it would their final goal of the game, Switzerland came into the second period looking to take this game into their hands. Team Swiss would score three goals in the second period and take the lead going into the third and final period. The Swiss would keep the lead as the final minutes counted down, scoring two more goals and shutting out the Finnish team with a final score of 5 to 2. Team Switzerland came to win today and showed they were not going to take a loss today. Stephane Charlin sat in goal today and posted a save percentage of 0.940, saving 36 goals out of Finland’s 38 shots on goal. Charlin’s performance today and Hollenstein’s performance yesterday gives the Swiss fans some hope as they go into the quarterfinal game against Russia. Today’s goals were spread throughout the team and it shows that the entire team’s forwards have the capability of putting shots on goal and even scoring. We saw Fabian Berri, who scored two goals in the second period, and Gaetan Jobin score their first goals of the tournament, and we saw Simon Knak and Valentin Nussbaumer each score a goal in today’s game. We are starting to see the team share the wealth and create some key opportunities for scoring chances amongst each other, which gives hope to see some of the other players be able to score some points as they go for a medal placement. The team looked great on both sides of the ice, especially against a contender such as Finland, but now the team has to focus and set their sights on beating the Russian team on Thursday in order to make it to the semifinals and even further.

The Swiss will play Russia on January 2nd at 6:30 am ET/5:30 am CT. Switzerland have made it this far with some great team play on both sides of the puck and they will need to keep up the same playing style if they want to defeat Russia and move on in the medal placement rounds of the tournament. Switzerland will need to play aggressive and stay in control of the game if they want to keep Russia from advancing on. The Swiss and the Russians have an early date tomorrow so be sure to check the scores and stay up to date with your favorite teams through 12oz Sports. We will see you on Thursday, January 2nd for all of the quarterfinal games and be sure to follow 12oz Sports on Twitter to see updated scores and post game remarks from each of the bloggers for the teams.

Photo: Swiss Ice Hockey/Facebook

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