Rebuild the New York Giants

Glenn Kaplan

A once-proud franchise in the New York Giants has been known now as a complete dumpster fire. New York was completely embarrassed on the road against the Los Angeles Chargers by a final score of 37-21. but they were once down 37-7 at one point.

Head coach Joe Judge continues to lie through his teeth about saying they did some positive things. Nothing was entirely positive about that outcome. This is the NFL we are talking about here and not a high school football team. Maybe Joe Judge needs to go coach high school kids because maybe that is what he is qualified best for.

He has done absolutely nothing to deserve a third season. I can’t wait for general manager Dave Gettleman to be let go. He has destructed this roster even more for the past four years. The New York Giants roster is in much worse shape than when he inherited it from former New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese.

New York needs their new George Young. I don’t want to hear anyone defending this man (Joe Judge). The New York Giants need to do it all over again. The Dallas Cowboys (9-4) are about to win the NFC East, and also The Washington Football Team (6-7) and the Philadelphia Eagles (6-7) are also vying for a wild card spot in the NFC.

It is obvious that New York is miles behind these franchises. There better be major roster turnover next season. There should maybe only be two players that are left from this year’s roster.

Daniel Jones won’t be the quarterback and his career might be over due to a neck injury. What they did was medical malpractice and head coach Joe Judge used Daniel Jones as a testing dummy to save his job and everyone has to go and be held accountable.

Jones wasn’t given a chance to succeed with this franchise and it is a shame that his career is potentially going to be over. Forget about him playing again this season.

Mike Glennon was the backup and started in this football game for the Giants. He completed 17-of-36 passes for 191 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception. Glennon was awful. They are better off starting Jacob Fromm for the last four games of the regular season, but the New York Giants coaching staff is too much chicken pansies to even do it.

They have whiffed on everything recently. Co-Owner John Mara needs to start the cycle all over again. He needs to stay away from football operations. Co-Owner Steve Tisch also saw this embarrassing performance from the press box on Sunday afternoon. Ownership can’t be thrilled and they thought they were a playoff team this year.

The silver lining is that they will have two first-round picks and two of them may be even be in the Top 5 but they will definitely be in the Top 10 for the new general manager. There is a lot of work to do. The only few players I would keep are Kadarius Toney, Andrew Thomas, Azeez Ojulari, and Xavier McKinney. Everybody else on the roster should be expendable period.

The one thing John Mara needs to do is fire his brother Chris Mara, who is in charge of player personnel and scouting. The scouting department needs a complete overhaul.

The New York Giants (4-9) fans can’t wait for their season to be over again and their next game will be at home this Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys (9-4).

The Los Angeles Chargers (8-5) next game will be at home on Thursday night against the Kansas City Chiefs (9-4) with first place on the line in the AFC West.

-Glenn Kaplan, 12oz Sports Contributor, Live Monday’s at 3 p.m. ET & Thursday at 11 a.m. ET on 12oz Sports

Photo Credit: Twitter @Dan_Salomone

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