The Sports Stance Ep: 165 – Vivian and The Super League Never Existed

Greg and Paul are bringing their Super league level takes this week talking PGA payouts, Lakers Catfished, MLB cellar dwellers…..and more!

12oz Sports LLC
12oz Sports LLC
The Sports Stance Ep: 165 - Vivian and The Super League Never Existed

This week the guys aren’t creating any super leagues, but they are talking about what could have been if the ESL was created. Along with the PGA creating a bonus for the players who “move the needle” and Alex Smith calling it a career after the most amazing comeback.

Then it’s onto the MLB where the Red Sox are still on top, but the Bronx Bombers are taking their name seriously and bombing their season away at the bottom of the AL. They aren’t the only ones struggling though, the Cubs can’t even hit a fastball….no, really. There are stats showing they as a team are terrible at hitting the fastball.

Next, it’s the hot streak of Steph Curry who has been a one man wrecking crew for Golden State. He is putting up points unlike anyone at his age. While he puts up points, the Nets are hoping James Harden doesn’t put up pounds as he is now out “indefinitely” with his hamstring injury. Can the Nets survive his absence if it makes it all the way to the playoffs.

Finally, “Well This is Awkward” involving the infamous Vivian of Laker Land. Who is she? Is it all a lie? Will the truth ever come out? We discuss.

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