The Sports Stance Ep 163: Trading March Madness for The Masters

Greg and Paul are talking the National Championship all the way to Jim Nantz and his home golf hole playing the sweet tunes of The Masters, which tee off this week!

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12oz Sports LLC
The Sports Stance Ep 163: Trading March Madness for The Masters

Greg and Paul are back in the studio and starting off with the snooze fest of a National Championship. After an instant classic in the Final Four, Gonzaga had a major letdown when Baylor trounced them. What happened? Was Gonzaga overrated? Was Baylor just unstoppable Monday night?

Then it’s The Masters….again. Yes, we just did this whole thing in November, but it’s Pandemic times and The Masters is taking it’s rightful spot back in April. What was Dustin Johnsons Champion dinner? Does he have to give back the jacket? Who wins? They guys go over all that and more.

Next, it’s the Sam Darnold trade. How does the trade change the draft landscape and who won the deal? Also the guys discuss the fact that Sam Darnolds friends and family seem more excited about him leaving the Jets then when he was drafted!

Finally, another addition of “Well, this is Akward” where Aaron Rodgers first day as Jeopardy host got a little uncomfortable…..and funny. Plus a new segment known as, “Live Your Life” where the guys take a look at people living their best life, Like Jim Nantz and a champions league referee.

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