Perspective. A word Lost in this Game of Football, and Life

Lou Gamelin

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I love the game of football, and the game of hockey. Oh and all sports. I love to win, and at 54 years old, I still dislike losing with a passion. I will be glued to my TV at noon on Saturday, watching Michigan take on Wisconsin. I will flip to Michigan State versus Northwestern. I will watch Georgia take on Notre Dame, hoping Michigan is still in the National Championship conversation. I know on my show Tuesday night, "The Captain Lou Extravaganza," which airs 8 to 10 pm ET on our network, and TV, I will lament and revel in my teams winning and losing. But I honestly can say, I will do it with a new aspect of perspective. I gained it from the high school team that I do play by play for on Friday nights here in the Central Michigan area.

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Friday night, Freeland High School, in Freeland, Michigan hosted Frankenmuth High School in their 10th Annual Clash for the Cure Cancer benefit game. These two school are rivals only about 15 minutes apart, but as I found out again last night, not bitter rivals, which helped me put things in perspective. Freeland puts on this annual benefit game that honors family and friends of players on the team that may have been lost or are suffering from various forms of cancer. There were events during the week, with benefit auctions and raffles with the proceeds going to cancer research, and to families that are battling cancer. I mentioned that both teams were rivals, and it was a huge game, but Freeland also took the time to honor members of the Frankenmuth team that lost family members. That is perspective.

Both teams played hard, last night. Big hits on both ends. A lot at stake, first place on the line. Both teams 3-0. What I saw during the game that stuck out was after every big hit, both teams helped the opposing team up. No standing over, showboating and barking. That is perspective. That is respect. It left an impression on me. It's a lost art in this world of instant gratification and "look at me!"

Freeland lost the game to Frankenmuth 21-7 last night. Freeland was up 7-0 at halftime, but Frankenmuth came out in the second half, made some adjustments, and were just a little too much for Freeland last night. I had a chance to talk with Freeland Head Coach Kevin Townsend after the game. It was a tough game to lose, and I've known some coaches to let's just say, aren't too receptive to talking after losses. Kevin is always gracious with his time, win or lose. First thing he told me was, "we did our best, we ran into the better team out there tonight! There are people out there fighting a bigger battle than what both teams went through out here tonight! We will recover from this, watch film on Sunday, but will will get over this and move on to next week. People we played for tonight cannot say that, or won't be able to say that." And with out hesitation, when I reminded him about our coaches show Monday night, he said, "I'll be there, it's all part of it!" Not only is it that, it is "perspective.". And I learned more about that from him on Friday night. It's not all about wins and losses on the scoreboard. Both teams won Friday night. I won Friday night. The Freeland community also were winners this week for all they did and all the smiles they helped produce! I got reminded about how much I love high school sports and why I will always be a part of it.

This is week 4 of "The Captain Lou Six Pack Challenge" Here are my picks for this week:

Texas A&M -4 at home over Auburn
Texas -5 at home versus Oklahoma State
Georgia -14 at home versus Notre Dame

Seattle -4.5 at home over New Orleans
Buffalo -6 at home over Cincinnati
Atlanta +2 over Indianapolis

Send me your picks on my facebook page, The Captain Lou Extravaganza, or follow me on Twitter @realcaptainlou, or email me at [email protected]

Antonio Brown is unemployed again. Karma is crazy isn't it? Not saying I am surprised. Now maybe we can focus on just football! Shame on New England for signing him, but hey, It's all about winning and losing at that level. It's all about perspective.

Enjoy watching all the big games this weekend! College games with Michigan Wisconsin, Notre Dame Georgia, Texas A & M and Auburn, just to name a few. Detroit and Philly tomorrow for me, along with Cleveland and the Rams for Jeff "Jefe the Janitor" Beck. But at least for me, it will be with a little better perspective! And I thank Friday night lights for that!


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