Panic… the disco?

The "Jefe" Beck

Pandemic Mania 2020

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This won't be a strictly sports related post, but as panic seems to be spreading as quickly as Covid-19, I felt it was high time the conductor (that's me) chime in for once. Let's face it folks, viruses, biological weapons, airborne diseases....whatever you call it, you can't control it. I've seen my fellow "humans" make this political, turn this into a conspiracy anywhere from the government did this on purpose to hold us down, to this was a terrorist attack and of course many folks think this is the end of the world. Hey, while those grandiose stories and theories make for a great deal of entertainment for folks like me, it's irrational thinking and does nothing to solve the problem itself.

In fact, the very people I saw on Facebook a few months ago complaining about getting out of bed on Monday mornings or find it hard juggling work and grocery shopping in the middle of the week have now seemingly turned into a bio-weapons or medical experts. Many others complaining of making ends meet with their"crappy" job are now financial experts and top level economist. What a miracle!

The real experts are working on it, this is a new virus. I've got bad news for you, new viruses pop up all the time. A vaccine can't be developed overnight. When will people learn to play to their strengths instead of trying to play expert when they know nothing of what they talk about? The panic isn't being caused by the media, it's being caused by you! Social media is both good and bad, and unfortunately we're seeing the bad part of it right now. Misinformation is the real plague in the world today.

Before I continue, I'd like to help you calm down. Well actually, our sponsor would like to help.....

Ok, now back to our reality. Our reality as sports fans is, there will be no sports for at least a month. Every major league, event and teams have shut it down. No, Rudy Gobert isn't to blame. This was going to happen no matter what. This virus spreads simply by breathing, so eventually suspending large gatherings was coming.

I have a novel idea. Instead of spending your time away from sports like this.....

Adella Beaini on Twitter

When your usual grocery shopping @woolworths turns into a toilet paper fight in the supermarket aisle. Yikes. #toiletpaperpanic for the #coronavirus has taken a whole new level.


Why not be a good person. Check with your neighbor, perhaps their kids relied on school for two of their meals a day. Perhaps you could help make sure they don't go hungry. Or check with your elderly loved ones and make sure they're feeling well. If they're not feeling well, get them to the doctor asap.

Are you telling me, that if you truly felt the world was ending, you'd be in Walmart punching chiclets for the last roll of butt paper? Is this what we've become? Personally, if I thought the world was ending I'd have far more important things to do like enjoying the company of friends and family, a fine wine or bourbon, hell even a nice midday nap.

Personally I think Pandemics should be treated like a social test, if you do this to an elderly person (below) trying to buy toilet paper, you should be last on the list to receive any vaccination for this virus, or denied altogether.

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