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Memphis Express Game Preview: Week 2

Nate Wahl

  I am now “Walking in Memphis” with this Memphis Express preview of their game against the Arizona Hotshots. I will be live from Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium here in Memphis, TN. With the game tonight, I will be breaking down what we know about the away team, the Arizona Hotshots and what […]

AAF Preview: Week 2

Nate Wahl

Welcome to Week 2 of AAF Football. Here is my AAF Radio Now: Week 2 Preview only on, I hope you enjoy and look for me out in Memphis this weekend as I will be attending the Hotshots/Express game this week at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis, Tennessee. Salt […]


I’m going to go out on a limb here, LeBron James is a great basketball player . However, knowing his personality, do we call him the greatest of all time? Let’s look at some of the facts. Historically he’s had trouble dealing with coaches. He didn’t necessarily get along with […]

AAF Preview: Week 1

Nate Wahl

Welcome to AAF Radio Now only on Each week we will review each of the four games in the AAF and go over key matchups for each team to overcome. Being that this is the first week of action, you will get sides of every coin on players that […]