Launch John Mara Into Outer Space for the New York Giants

Glenn Kaplan

At the beginning of the day for the New York Giants, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that they would be bringing back head coach Joe Judge and quarterback Daniel Jones for the 2022 season. With a monster offseason looming, owner John Mara is showing his incompetence and his stubbornness once again.

That old man will never get it right with this franchise. This is why they have had lost over 10 games for five consecutive seasons. The New York Giants lost to the Philadelphia Eagles on the road on Sunday afternoon in convincing fashion 34-10.

New York has no hope for the future even though they have two potential Top 10 picks. General manager Dave Gettleman should be shown the door, but knowing John Mara, he will bring him back. This is opening up for John Mara to hire Kevin Abrams as the next general manager. Abrams and no one internally should be hired. John Mara should fire everyone but he isn’t gone.

Mara does not care about losses anymore. All he cares about is collecting fans’ wallets week in and week out. If John Mara actually cared about this franchise, he would pull the plug. He watches this bad product on the field week in and week out and feels satisfied? Mara has too much time on his hands that he actually touches this franchise.

John Mara is the new James Dolan and Fred and Jeff Wilpon’s. The moment they touch something, it is the moment it gets burned down in the kitchen. He is so out of touch with today’s NFL.

Michael Strahan, a former New York Giants defensive lineman, went to outer space earlier in the month. So my question is why didn’t Strahan take John Mara with him and just leave him there so he can’t ruin this anymore? It is not a bad idea.

The New York Giants have not won a Super Bowl since Super Bowl XLVI and that was the last time they won a playoff game too was against the New England Patriots. New York has only made the playoffs once in the last 10 years.

Jerry Jones, Jeffrey Lurie, and Dan Snyder must be laughing at John Mara right now because he has no idea how to run a football operation. Co-Owner Steve Tisch needs to take away the football operations from John Mara.

They have nothing to be proud about. Daniel Jones is hurt, they have no offensive line, the defense is tired. Please tell me what this football team does well? The New York Giants absolutely do nothing right.

The New York Giants once upon a time was a blue blood organization in the NFL. Congratulations Mr. John Mara, you made this once-proud franchise into a laughing stock and a complete dumpster fire that has turned into the New York Jets, the Cleveland Browns, the Detroit Lions, the Houston Texans, and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

New York has nothing to hold high upon for the future. The Giants future generations have no hope. The only hope they have is for John Mara to sell this football team or for someone to tell him to step aside and find a day job or do something else with his life. The game is way past him. He means well when it comes to loyalty, but this is what is killing the New York Giants organization. Way to go, Mr. John Mara, you only did this to yourself, and fans will continue to revolt against you.

This is also why people who live in the tri-state area don’t want to be New York Giants fans, maybe they will root for a different team instead.

The New York Giants (4-11) next football game will be on the road against the Chicago Bears (4-10) next Sunday.

The Philadelphia Eagles (8-7) are in the thick of the NFC Wild Card playoff race and their next football game will be on the road against The Washington Football Team (6-8) next Sunday.

-Glenn Kaplan, 12oz Sports Contributor, Live Monday’s at 3 p.m. ET & Thursday at 11 a.m. ET on 12oz Sports

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