Kenneth Walker Deserved Better, Heisman Voting is a Sham; Bring on Bowl Games

Lou Gamelin

The Heisman Trophy.  One time considered the holy grail of college football.  The ultimate prize.  The true measuring stick of greatness in college football.    An award that measured your whole body of work in the complete college football season.  Oh, how that has changed.    Unfortunately, it has become a popularity contest, a what have you done for me lately award in an era of social media instant gratification.

My first question is, how does one become qualified to become a voting member for the Heisman award?  There are 145 voters for each of the six sections of the country.  You also have the previous Heisman winners that get to cast a ballot.  You also, supposedly, have a fan vote that is tabulated that counts for one vote.  I get all of that.  But my question, is, how do you become one of the 145 voters in each of the six sections?   I have gathered that you have to be asked, and replace someone that recuses themselves, or is disqualified.     This process smells so much like the baseball hall of fame voting process, which is so so flawed, it dilutes the believability and how legitimate the award is.    This award has been broken down to which school has the best propaganda machine, and best PR department, and who has the best last two games of the season.

How can you legitimately tell me that Kenneth Walker of Michigan State,  is not one of the top four or five players in the country?  How is, arguably, the best defensive player in the country, Will Anderson, Jr. of Alabama, not in the conversation, or invited to New York as a finalist.    In Anderson’s case, is it because Bryce Young had the year he had?  That wouldn’t be the first time that has happened in an MVP type of award tabulation.  Make no mistake, Bryce Young is deserving of the award, but how much of it was from his performance against Georgia.  Wow, what a game it was.  But seriously, if he would have had a stinker of a game, would C J Stroud be the front runner?  And Aidan Hutchinson out of Michigan.  How much of his standing has come from the last two games?  You cannot tell me that being on national television and having the game he had against Ohio State didn’t have something to do with this.  If the game was in September, would he be in New York Saturday night as one of the finalists?

Let us look at Kenneth Walker.  All he did was win the Doak Walker Award for the country’s best running back . Associated Press Player of the year!  He is an All-American. 1636 yards, 18 TDs, 263 carries.  If you go by what he did on the national stage, then how about 5 touchdowns in leading MSU over Playoff-bound Michigan.  150 yards with the flu in the snow, in the win over Penn State.  C.J. Stroud said the flu cost them the game against Michigan, and he is in New York.  Walker ran for 275 yards in his opening game and had one sub-par game.  And he did this playing in one of the top two conferences in the land.  If Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh quarterback is deserving to be in New York, then Walker should have that first-class seat right next to him.  Pickett has some gaudy numbers, but one has to question the competition that this Pitt team played against.  The ACC is a garbage conference this year, as evidenced with no one near playoff contention.  Gaudy numbers will influence voters that do not do their homework.  And this has obviously happened.  I would love to see the final ballots of all the voters.  Make it available for everyone to see.   Pickett had a crazy game against Wake Forrest in the championship game, no doubt.  But his best game was against Duke. Duke!  Coach K’s defense against the pass is better than their football teams’ pass defense.    But he is the third-best quarterback in this group.  Third.  His influence was bigger than Walker to their team’s success?  Or Anderson from Alabama and his 15.5 sacks?     Call the award what it is now.  The Heisman Quarterback Trophy.  Stop the sham.

For better or worse, College Bowl season is upon us.  42 bowl games.  Wow.   The festivities start December 17th in the Bahamas with The Bahamas Bowl featuring Toledo taking on Middle Tennessee and going all the way up to the National Championship game on January 10th  in Indianapolis.  We have the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl, we have the Tailgreeter Cure Bowl,  Bowls in baseball stadiums,  bowls in snowy destinations outside.  Bowls that start at 11 am.  If you are a football junkie, this is for you.   I want someone to send me a picture sitting in centerfield at Fenway Park on December 29th at 11 am in the middle of SMU and Virginia in that epic battle!

Seriously, there are some great matchups.  Oregon vs. Oklahoma.  Ohio State vs. Utah.  Notre Dame vs. Oklahoma State.  Michigan State vs. Pittsburgh, not to mention the playoff games.  IF you can weed yourself through the Weedeater Bowl, and smooth your way through the Tropical Smoothie Bowl, then you will be rewarded with some awesome bowl games to finish out the bowl season.  I do miss the Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl.   And The Cherry Bowl.   But I think The Easy Point Hawaii Bowl and the Ticketsmarter Birmingham Bowl may be able to take their place!  I can’t wait to see all the fans dressing up as empty chairs at these games, as well!

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