Florida Tech sacks football teams


Damn, what will all the Florida Institute of Technology Panthers fans do?

Ok, jokes aside, this is a shame. It sucks to see sports teams getting canned due to the pandemic, but it had to be expected.

I love sports as much as anyone, but if you’re not profitable to the school, it makes sense and there’s likely more dominos to fall across the college sports landscape.

Florida Tech spent over $3-mil on their football team in 2019, which is almost a third of their athletic department budget.

Now I don’t expect this to be an uncommon conversation, but I really wonder how many other programs are going to be cut because of COVID? It’s not fair to have other students paying for athletes scholarships and sports teams when the average student doesn’t benefit at all from it.

Atleast the NCAA is allowing these Div 2 ballers to transfer anywhere, but that’s a lot of roster spots that would need to be open to keep these kids playing.

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Photo credit @FloridaTechFB

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