Edmonton and Toronto to host NHL Playoffs


Oh Canada eh?!

According to about a billion and a half reports, the cities of Edmonton and Toronto will be announced as the league’s hub cities when or if the NHL returns to play.

The rising cases in the states obviously their downturn, but their idiotic approach to reducing the spread made this a no brainer to come to the great white north.

No, Edmonton isn’t Jasper and Toronto really isn’t that impressive, but hey, if they can properly quarantine these players and give us hockey back safely I’m all for it!

The play-in rounds are hoped to start in early August, but I don’t see that happening with the league’s half-ass decision to not quarantine players during training camp is likely going to set everything back.

A: The playoffs are going to be later than expected.

B: Hammer the Oilers and Leafs to win their series’ as they’ll have home ice advantage and the comfort of their own facilities and rooms.



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