During a pandemic, Long Island University adds D1 hockey team


What wild timing to say the least.

In a time that other schools (cough cough Lethbridge) are cutting sports teams, LIU announced that they would be adding a men’s D1 team for the 2020/21 season.

Since Illinois continues to waste time and not make the jump, they let a team on Long Island jump on board. No head coach, almost May, somehow they’re recruiting? This seems like a recipe for disaster.

Everyone knows how isles fans act, so I’m very interested to see the off ice support at the college level.

End of the day, I love seeing more scholarships for hockey players, but I don’t want to see anymore D1 schools who average less that 1500 fans a game. That’s just pathetic and embarrassing for the sport to the point the hockey ends up watered down and the atmosphere disappears.

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