Beck’s NCAA Football Weekend Takeaways

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Week 1

Each week we will get some takeaways from the weekend action, because takeaways are what wins ball games!


Takeaway #1:

Can we finally do away with the preseason ranking charade? Aside from the obvious choices, like Bama at #1 and Clemson at #2, the preseason ranking is basically a social status amongst teams the voters like and could hinder teams that are less "sexy" for the big rankings (and has in the past). Most teams ranked 20th or worse, barring a huge jump in the rankings or some good luck, have a bigger mountain to climb than their counterparts when they have to move up 16 or more places by season's end. Mainly because the Top 15 is typically stuffed with Power 5 schools. Meanwhile, #10 Penn St needed overtime to beat Appalachian State, #11 Michigan State barely survived Utah State, #23 Texas lost to a turmoil riddled Maryland team with low expectations, #8 Miami looked average and #19 Florida State looked terrible. Let these teams play a game or two before we start assuming "insert name here" is the 12th best team in the nation. Sure, I get it, the writers and the networks need these rankings to sell early season matchups. The teams need a fair shake when it comes to their rank, after all, we wouldn't want someone like Central Florida getting snubbed because they started unranked do we? Oh wait, that happened already?? Stop ranking teams before they play!!



Takeaway #2:

Bama is scary good, and so is the SEC. I know, where did I park the squad car right? Captain obvious over here right? First with the SEC as a whole, their only loss was to West Virginia over Tennessee. Sure the Vols fans would've told you Friday this was their year to shine. West Virginia, however, has an ex-SEC QB with a lot of weapons and Tennessee isn't "back" as many people would claim. I look to LSU, Bama and Ole Miss dominating fellow Power 5 schools, Auburn won a thriller against the 6th ranked team in the nation and everyone else blowing out their opponent. Bama is so good they have their coach yelling at reporters because he can't settle on a starter at QB....yeah, QB!! LSU, Bama and the Auburn defenses looked frightening as they shut down high scoring offenses. It's going to take a monumental effort from a non-SEC school to beat any of these 3 teams.



Takeaway #3:

The new fair catch rule on a kickoff is a joke. I mean really? A guy can call fair catch, on a kickoff, at the 1 yard line - and they place the ball at the 25 yard line? I'm speechless....

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