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Reality Check'n

Matthew Melendez and Michael Jenkin give you a dose of reality when it comes to your sports teams! Some teams are overrated, others are better than so called experts believe. Sit back and enjoy the show! LIVE! every Monday at 11:30am EST

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The World Hockey Report

The World Hockey Report with Cody and Adam is your weekly update for hockey news around the globe! It’s not easy to keep up with the ever moving hockey world, but Cody and Adam connect you with all the latest information, topical discussion and guests who’ve laced up the skates. Fans can connect with Cody Janzen and Adam  Ehrmantraut on Twitter @Janner31_ @AEhrmantraut @worldhockeyrpt
Catch new episodes every Friday at 6pm EST, only on 12 oz Sports Radio!!

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Cows and Quacks

is a weekly sports talk show that covers top game picks & commentary around college sports.  

New episodes every Friday at 10:00am; 12:30pm & 3:00pm EST and Saturday at 10:00am EST - only on 12 oz Sports Radio!!

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Beck's Work Week in Review

Every Friday from 1pm to 3pm EST, Live. Discuss sports news and updates from Monday through Thursday of each week.

Call (330) 866-0525 when live!!


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Scout Team Sports

For sports fans, by sports fans...

LIVE! Wednesday's at 7:30pm EST and Replay on Friday's at 3:30pm EST, only on 12 oz Sports Radio!!

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Uneducated Fight Club

3 brothers from different mothers get together for every UFC PPV so why not do a radio show? Listen live 8 PM before every UFC PPV on 

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Loud Beard Sports

Beards, Sports, Beer

Every Tuesday at 8:00am EST


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MCX Podcast

Chris Jeffers () and Michael Karvelis () talk all sports in this comical and opinionated podcast The Michael and Chris Experience (). Outspoken NFL Analyst Chris is the football encyclopedia while Outspoken NBA Analyst takes on the basketball side while each battle the other’s specialty. Strap in and enjoy!

Every Monday 2p-3p and Saturday 10p-11p EST - only on 12 oz Sports Radio!!


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The Sports Counter

Welcome to the Sports Counter! The place where we break down the week in sports by offering our take on the most debated topics. Find out more at www.thesportscounter.net

Live on Friday's from 9:00am to 10:00am, only on 12 oz Sports Radio!!

Chris and Sean Take Over The World

 and Want to take over the world and they’re using movies to help them. Podcast that reviews your favorite action films


Every Thursday at 10am and 3pm EST only on 12 oz Sports Radio!!

The Mitch Davis Show

Catch Mitch Live on 12 oz Sports Radio Monday's at 1pm and Friday's at 10:30am EST and many weekends Live on location!! Only on 12 oz Sports Radio...

Featured Podcast & Shows


Bourbon and Bad Opinions

Bourbon and Bad Opinions, where what we're drinkin' is better than what we're thinkin'. A podcast where every other week we drink good bourbon and give you our bad opinions on a variety of different topics. Every other Monday, at 4:00pm EST only on 12 oz Sports Radio!

Basement Banter

What says 'die hard sports fans' more than a guy and his buddy talking sports in his parents basement? Nothing. That's what! Come along for the ride each week as life-long friends David Giacomino and Tom Tockarshewsky discuss the wide world of sports! From football and hockey to basketball and baseball, they've got it covered. On top of that, you never know whose going to make an appearance, with guests always joining the show! The sports talk and recurring segments like Banter's Best Bets and Who You Chirpin? make this show a must listen each and every week! Come on down to the basement! We promise we won't bite!! 
Monday's at 6:30pm EST!!

Brunch with the Buds

Welcome to Brunch with the Buds, a show where two best "buds" dish on everything good in Kentucky from its delectable food, Southern-inspired fashion, craft brews, world-class bourbon, and Bluegrass activities, events & people.  


Every Monday at 10:00am EST on 12 oz Sports Radio

StickInRink Podcast

Three average shmoes with moes talking about the sport we love.

StickInRink is witty, insightful, and sponsored by the best businesses on the planet!
Join Dyl, Eesh & Faber every week as they bring you LATEST from the NHL, BCIHL, BCHL, VIJHL, WHL and ALL things Canucks.

A Product of VISportsTalk


New episode every Monday at 5:00pm and another on Tuesday at 2:00pm EST on 12 oz Sports Radio!!


A Family Divided

Two cousins, Kyle Gagliardi and Tyler Walk from "The Region" (@TweetsBy_Kyle & @RealTylerWalk) who usually aren't on the same page talking everything sports related once a week.

Every Tuesday at 10:00am EST!!

Look at that with Anthony Santino

A podcast with takes on pop-culture, sports, living, as well as interviews. Airs every Tuesday at Noon EST on 12 oz Sports

and major streaming services.

The Offensive Zone

Hockey Talk - Enjoy and be offensive!

Every Tuesday at 6:30pm EST on 12 oz Sports Radio!!

The Vegas Squares

Welcome in to The Vegas Squares Podcast. Our show talks about all things sports and sports betting. We like to have fun and put a bit of money on the games. If you’re a recreational sports gambler like us, tune in to the podcasts. Feel free to interact with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Or, check out our website www.VegasSquares.com Catch them every Tuesday night at 8pm EST and every Saturday morning at 11am EST, only on 12 oz Sports Radio!!


Round of Shots

Kentucky Sports & national trending sport topics w/ guests & contributors 

Every Wednesday at 10:00am EST!!

Big Blue Banter

Kentucky fans unite!!

Every Wednesday at 8:00am EST!!

Big Blue Views

A weekly podcast that airs live Monday nights 8-10pm ET (on BlogTalk Radio).  This Kentucky Wildcat-centric show features hosts Michele Brown and Kelli McDowell, proving ladies do know their sports.  Discussion centers around all sports at the University of Kentucky as well as sports topics of a national interest. 
Social Media:  facebook.com/bigblueviews
Twitter:  @BigBlueViews
Every Wednesday from 1:00pm to 3:00pm EST!!

Live From The 815

Just two guys who love to chat about sports, movies and TV shows. You might even think we are funny once in awhile.

Every Wednesday at 5:00pm EST on 12 oz Sports Radio!!

WBH Radio

WBH Radio is hosted by William Holley, someone who has a multitude of experience in the world of sports. From competing as an NCAA basketball player in NYC to working for great franchises like the the New York Rangers and New York Yankees.  Motivated by what William believes is a lack of overall leadership and accountability in the sports world he wanted to build a platform where he could offer his viewpoint and share his experiences in hopes of helping young athletes maximize their potential.


Every Wednesday from 4-5pm EST on 12 oz Sports Radio

Girls, Beer, Sports

A weekly podcast conversation with girls about beer, sports and whatever else because it’s our show and we do what we want.

Catch them every Wednesday at 3:00pm EST on 12 oz Sports Radio!!


All Sports Best

The best sports radio show in New Mexico with Trey & Ruben! Tune in as they cover some of the latest in sports and their opinions on them! AllSportsBest.com

Every Thursday at 4:00pm EST!!

Christian and Damon’s Amazing Nerd Show!

For fans, by fans! We talk wrestling, comics, movies, and much, much, more. It’s the podcast you didn’t know you wanted!

Thursday's at 6:00pm EST!!

BSR: Basement Sports Report

2 dudes in a basement talking shit about sports. Follow on Twitter at PodcastBSR

Every Thursday at 8:00am EST!!

ABA Weekly

Host Brandon Ryan, interviews coaches, players, owners and league officials in an attempt to cover the largest professional sports league in the world, The American Basketball Association. ABA Weekly is produced by Maggie J, Founder of Mostly Justified Productions.  


Every Thursday at Noon and 10pm EST on 12 oz Sports Radio!!

The KY Sports Guys

Two guys who love sports, writing, & discussion. Something for everyone. 

Every Thursday at 11am EST


Ring Rust

Ring Rust, with Mark Jabroni, airs live on Canada’s CHMR every Friday at 11:30am est and replays on 12 oz Sports Radio every Friday at Midnight! Ring Rust pre-per-views most events such as WWE, Ring of Honor and more!

A Sip of Sports

A sports blog and podcast that covers everything you could in sports.


Every Friday at 8:30am and 11:30am EST

Rationally Irrational

The first non-sports podcast ever to be presented by The Fishtank Apparel! Hosted by Eric Bak and The Fishtank co-owner Chris Freitag with producer and fellow co-owner Mollie Schinds producing and chiming in, they tackle all of the most outrageous stories in the news world each and every week! Everything under the sun is fair game! Whether it be sports, celebrity news, ridiculous stories, college stories, or interviews with guests! It's the show FOR fun- loving party people BY fun-loving party people! With weekly segments like Party Story of the Week, Battle of the Bullshitters, and Mythbusters, you're not going to have to wait too long for the next ridiculous comment! Rationally Irrational is here to stay! Welcome to the World! Embrace the Absurdity! 
Every Friday at 5:00pm EST!!


A Work in Progress

A pro wrestling podcast hosted by Brent Pyles and Derek Perry each week we discuss what's going on in WWE, New Japan Pro Wrestling,

Ring of Honor and Impact wrestling.

Catch them every Saturday at 3:00pm EST

2MB Sports & Fantasy Podcast

Sports & Fantasy discussion.

Every Saturday at Noon EST, only on 12 oz Sports Radio!!

Nittany Lion Takeover

Nittany Lion Takeover is your number 1 source for all things Penn State Football. Join host Garren Wolfgang as he breaks down all the happenings of the Penn State Nittany Lions. 

Every Saturday at 7pm EST

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