Will Sports Shut Down with a Biden Presidency?

The "Jefe" Beck

As the contentious and drawn out, seemingly never-ending, presidential race plays out in America, many sports fans wonder what will happen next? Many fans speculate that Biden will immediately shut the country back down, tanking sports for another few months.

With the cold weather moving into many regions of America and Covid cases spiking, the threat of a new shutdown is real, but is it likely? According to Business Insider (2020), "Biden's pandemic plan focuses on increasing testing and contact tracing in addition to sending more federal funds to schools for safer reopenings" (para. 3). During the last debates, Biden made these remarks:

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Biden: "I'm going to shut down the virus, not the country. It's his ineptitude that's caused us to" #Debates2020 pic.twitter.com/KpoC2X2lRP


Following Biden's words throughout the campaign, one would conclude there's little evidence of a looming closure of the entire country. The most likely scenario would be that leagues, teams, and states allowing fans into their stadiums will be rolled back, and we will be watching games in an empty stadium for at least another 6 months. That is just my prediction, and that prediction comes along with the current sitting of players, and sometimes teams, when cases emerge from within a locker room.

So I think fans can rest easy unless you just absolutely hate empty stadiums and fake crowd noise. Look on the bright side, we should at least be able to continue enjoying sports as we try and tackle this virus.


Lahut, J (2020). Biden says he would 'shut down the virus, not the country' during the final presidential debate. Business Insider. Retrieved from                   https://www.businessinsider.com/biden-shut-down-the-virus-not-the-country-2020-10

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