Will OBJ be the Man, or Stafford’s Excuse? Mission Accomplished: CFB Playoff has You Talking

Lou Gamelin

The OBJ Drama, or nausea is over...for now.  A team out of nowhere came up and grabbed him.  The Los Angeles Rams.   I have to say, I didn't see that one coming.  Now, I knew it wouldn't be Green Bay.  Green Bay is a great team, with great tradition, but it's not flash.  It's not warm, it's not flare.    I would have thought Kansas City, with Patrick Mahomes, and the chance to be part of a revitalization or their offense.  If he became the focal point, it could have parlayed him into a better contract for next year.  New Orleans, I didn't think was going to be a good fit.  Too many injuries, and too much to overcome to possibly make a serious playoff run.  So it is Los Angeles.  And again, the pressure is going to be squarely on Matt Stafford, or is this a way to take some of the heat off of him, if it doesn't work out.

It has been well documented on my show, The Captain Lou Extravaganza, which you can hear on this network from 8 to 10 pm ET every Tuesday night, that I am skeptical that Matt Stafford will have what it takes to lead The Rams to a Super Bowl victory, or even to the Super Bowl.  They currently sit a game behind of Arizona, and in a sense two games back, with Arizona owning the tiebreaker.  It looks like, even though LA could go 12-5, they would end up being a wild card team, and spending the playoffs on the road.  Stafford has never won a playoff game, all of which have been on the road.  Can he win in Green Bay, or Dallas, or Tampa in the opening round.  I am not sold on that, yet.  He is going to have to prove this one.  But now, OBJ comes along, and this could be the out, or excuse that could spare Stafford all of the blame if they are not successful.

OBJ now joins a list of very talented receivers.  Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, talented rookie Van Jefferson, and don't forget Tyler Higbee.  There is only one football.  Oh, and do not forget Darrell Henderson, Jr.  So who loses the targets?  Kupp is definitely the number one.  Rookie Van Jefferson is asserting himself as a number two, overtaking Robert Woods .  How will OBJ fit in?  There is no way he can be the number one.  How will Woods take this.  Do you think he will be fine as a number three or even a number four.  What will this do for the chemistry of the team.   Does OBJ have what it takes physically?  When will he be effective.  If he is injured, then a slow transition will be perfect for him.  Will his ego allow that?  IT will hit his pocketbook if his numbers aren't there.    But seriously, what has OBJ really done in the last few years.  He is a promo machine.  But lately that is the only machine he has resembled.

But this brings me back to Stafford.  There is no doubt this is a team that is win now.  Super Bowl now.  Not next year, or the year after.  There is no draft to build on.  The pressure lies squarely on Matt Stafford and Sean McVay.  McVay ran one QB under the bus and I am sure will do the same to save his own skin.  Can Stafford handle that kind of pressure.  I sure hope he can, because it's coming.  I am rooting for him.

The second college playoff poll just came out.  No surprises in the top four with Georgia, Alabama, Oregon and Ohio State.  Cincinnati went to five.  Now it gets interesting.  Michigan state fell to 7 after it's loss to Purdue.  Behind Michigan.  Yes behind Michigan.  How is that possible?  Doesn't make sense.  Except for one thing, they got you talking.  They have you riveted every Tuesday.  Things like this have you talking Wednesdays at work.  Tuesday nights on social media and sports shows like mine.  Mission accomplished.  This will all work out in the wash.  It always does.  But their logic is twisted.  Ohio State should be three and Oregon should be four if you follow their logic.  But keep this in mind.  If Michigan and Michigan State both win out, and Georgia beats Alabama in the SEC Championship game, Michigan and Michigan State will BOTH be in the Playoff.  And you all will all really be complaining.  And again, it'll be Mission Accomplished for the Committee!

Cam Newton to the Panthers.  6 million guaranteed with the roster bonus.  His agent is a genius.  Can't wait for what could be his first game, against Ron Rivera and Washington.

College basketball is back and so are the fans.  Great to see.  Kansas looked damn good, best team money can buy!  One thing missing was Dickie V.  I know he can be obnoxious, but no one has more passion and love college basketball more than Dickie V.  Get well sone BABY!!!

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The OBJ Drama, or nausea is over...for now.  A team out of nowhere came up and grabbed him.  The Los Angeles Rams.   I have to say, I didn't see that one coming.  Now, I knew it wouldn't be Green Bay.  Green Bay is a great team, with great tradition, but […]