Top Five Major League Baseball Teams to This Point of the Season

James Paxson
In this crazy Major League Baseball season, some teams are already 20 percent completed with their regular season schedule. Some teams have still been unable to play seven games yet due to multiple corona-virus outbreaks. It seems unfair to rank the top five MLB teams this early into the season, but in a 60-game season it is not has early as it seems.

Each baseball game played is the equivalent of 2.7 games if there were 162 games played this season. So 15 games played is the equivalent of 40.5 games. The midway point of baseball is on its way and it is time to look at the top five baseball teams at this point of the season.

5. Cleveland Indians.  The Cleveland Indians have the best starting rotation in baseball. Cleveland has the best earned run average in baseball at 2.05. Shane Bieber has 35 strikeouts in 21.2 innings pitched. Bieber is also one of the three Indians starting pitchers to walk three or less batters this season. If the bats do not start moving Cleveland’s pitching doesn’t mean anything. If Cleveland’s starting pitching continues and the Indians hitting improves; this team could win 12 of their next 15 games and guarantee a playoff spot.  

4. Chicago CubsThe Chicago Cubs have had some of the best and most surprising hitting in Major League Baseball this season. The Cubs are in the top ten of hitting statistics when it comes to runs, home runs, doubles and runs batted in. Chicago also has five players with an OPS over .800. The Cubs are the current front-runner to win the NL Central, but if their hot hitting cools down, Chicago’s pitching may not be enough to ensure they win baseball games.

3. LA Dodgers. Mookie Betts has filled in nicely with the impressive Dodgers lineup. Betts has three home runs and seven runs batted in his first 12 games as a Dodger.  Los Angeles has the second best earned run average among pitchers 2.42 and looks like the best team in the National League. The Dodgers look great, but there are two American League teams doing respectively better than Los Angeles.   

2. Minnesota Twins. The Minnesota Twins are fourth in pitching earned run average with 2.97 and they are fourth in team home runs with 20 in 14 games played. The Twins are an all-around great baseball team who has continued the impressive power hitting the 2019 Minnesota team had last year. If the Twins power hitting and solid pitching continues; maybe Minnesota will be World Series champions.

1. New York Yankees.  There is no discussion; the best team in baseball is the New York Yankees. The Yankees lead Major League Baseball in home runs with 24 and have the early season Most Valuable Player. Aaron Judge is demolishing the baseball and there is no reason to think his impressive power hitting will stop anytime soon. Judge has seven home runs, 17 runs batted in and an OPS of 1.199 since the start of the season. New York’s pitching has been average, but will improve throughout the season. The Yankees are the clear World Series favorite and best team in Major League Baseball.

This article was written by James A. Paxson. You can follow him on twitter at paxson_jimmie.


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