Then There Were Four…..Four Appetizers Left

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The Elite Eight brought two smackdowns and two upsets. We had to say goodbye to our delish friends that were the 3 seed Calamari from Red Lobster, 4 seed Lasagna Fritta from Olive Garden, 9 Seed App Sampler from Friendlys, and the 10 seed Potato Skins from Fridays who lost their Cinderella magic.

We are now left with four appetizers. One of them will rule them all!! Check out the Final Four matchups below:



The matchups are set, let's break them down:

1 Seed Bloomin Onion-Outback vs. 5 Seed Fried Mac + Cheese-Cheesecake Factory: It is the big dingo from down under going up against an American staple that has been fried! This is a matchup that could get interesting very quickly. The Bloomin Onion has been absolutely obliterating it's competition. I mean, not one of it's competitors has even sniffed getting 30% of the vote. Of course, none of it's competitors were mac + cheese, that's been FRIED! Yes, I know the Mac had a close match against the Lasagna Fritta, but that was expected. Two appetizers that both really on fried noodles and cheesy goodness. This is an entirely new ballgame. It comes down to fried noodles or onions??? I'm gonna say, " play that funky digaree doo aussie boy" because the Bloomin Onion will see you in the finals.

Projected Winner: Bloomin Onion

2 Seed Skillet Queso-Chilis vs. 6 seed Rangoons-PF Changs: This matchup is interesting. The Rangoons from PF Changs have had crowd support like I couldn't have imagined. I did not expect them to make it this far. The Skillet Queso is that classic chip and dip appetizer that everyone enjoys. It is the simple order of the night, your waiter comes up and asks what you want and you go. "We need a few minutes on our entrees, but we know we want the Skillet Queso". It's that appetizer. Will it have the support it needs to take down the locomotive that is the PF Chang Rangoons??? I'm not sure. This could be a major upset.....and I'm calling it.

Projected Winner: Rangoons


Those are my thoughts on the Final Four. Let me know yours in the comments or in our Twitter poll @Sportsstance_

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