The Tommies Have Been Booted from the MIAC. But Why?

Nate Wahl

In the world of Division III athletics, you have probably heard about the St. Thomas Tommies in years past. Notable for their run at Division III Football Championships in 2012 and 2015, they have always been rather dominant in Football, Golf, and many other Mens and Womens Sports

They have played a long time in the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC) but will now have to find a new conference. Why do they need to find a new conference? Because your small ball schools like St. Olaf (Tommies beat 60-0 last year, and have crushed the Lions as much as 97-0 in 2017) have decided in “good faith” it best for them to move on from the MIAC.

When I look at this conference I see multiple things wrong with the MIAC. 1) The Tommies were not even the best team in the MIAC last year. The St. Johns Johnnies were 12-1 last year and beat up on the Tommies in the annual Tommie/Johnnie game at Target Field in Minneapolis, 40-20. They crushed Carleton 59-0 which is a similar score to how bad the Tommies beat them last year. This proves that St. Thomas is not the only problem in MIAC Football. 2) Why are schools like St. Olaf flying by the method if you can’t beat them, boot them?  Does St. Thomas have more recruiting dollars, yes. Do they have better athletic facilities, yes but those factors aren’t at all why they should be booted from the conference. St. Thomas has laid the framework to not only be dominant in football but the bulk of their sports as well and that has nothing to do with their larger enrollment like St. Olaf is stating. 3) Why have we as a society become so fearful of competition? Big time shutouts have always happened from Division I all the way to NAIA in Football and in every sport. Why don’t we look at your coaching staff and see why they aren’t putting a quality product on the field? Don’t point fingers at St. Thomas for doing their job on the field and playing hard-nosed football, get your team better and you will compete with the Tommies and Johnnies of the MIAC. And if not, your coaching staff should be fired, that’s how coaching works.

Since St. Thomas is being removed, St. Olaf is asking for a free pass to get beat even worse next year. In fact, the Tommies should use this as a chip on their shoulder to dominate Division III and the MIAC conference next year. St. Olaf’s good faith won’t do them any good next year, as I hope the Tommies hang 100+ on them on November 2nd.

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