The State Of The Lakers

1st Round Game 1

7 years since the Lakers have been the

Western Conference Playoffs. Facing off

against familiar foe the Portland

Trailblazers. This game would be a back

and forth tussle between some of the

biggest names in the NBA.

The Blazers would get the Game 1 win

with a stellar performance from Dame

Lillard dropped 34 points and was able to

help his team overcome a Triple-Double

from Lebron and 28 points from Anthony

Davis. The Blazers would win a hard

fought game 100-93.

The game started with the Blazers

shooting from deep and getting physical

in the box forcing fouls that led to Free

Throws going a perfect 8-8 in the 1st


The Lakers 3 point woes continued they

started the quarter 0-8 from the 3-point

line. The Lakers came out overplaying a

bit and kind of put themselves in a tough

spot going down 33-17 before a 9-2 run to

end the quarter.

In the 2nd quarter the Lakers settled down

getting a big effort from Dwight Howard

who was anchoring the defense and

keeping the Blazers honest. The Lakers

went on a 8-0 run after being down

40-30. The Lakers would finally take their

1st lead of the game in final moments but

it was short lived as the Blazers went into

halftime with a lead of 57-56.

In the 2nd half the Blazers got off to a

good start but the Lakers clamped down

both teams played good defense or just

had very poor shot selection regardless

there were not very many points scored

with both team combining for a total of 40

points which showed the how physical the

game it was.

The 4th quarter seemed like the Lakers

found their groove they jumped out to

12-3 run which gave the Lakers a 6 point

lead 87-81. It seemed as if the Lakers

would start to pull away and then came

the clutch shooting of Lillard and CJ

McCollum that would start the run that

would help the Blazers steal the game.

There was under 5 minutes left and the

Blazers would hit 4 3 pointers in a row

take a late 6 point lead.

Then Carmelo Anthony sealed the deal

late to put up the Blazers by 5 late. Lakers

has chances to win but 4 straight misses

free throws and missing their last 5 shots

of the game did them in. The Blazers take

an 1-0 lead in the best of Seven series of

the 1st round.

My 2 Cents

The Blazers warned that win with the will

to win. I have to give credit where credit is

due. The Lakers beat themselves in this 1

though with so many missed


The Lakers won the battle of the boards

and had double digit offensive rebounds

but missed a bunch of easy layups and

were looking for for fouls that weren’t


The 3 point line has been the Lakers worst

enemy and it showed throughout this

game. The effort from the starting

backcourt was mediocre and hindered the

Lakers from really going full throttle.

The Lakers fans and critics pointed right

AD for this loss I don’t think that’s right he

scored 28 points with 21 coming in the 1st

half. I felt with how physical the game was

AD was avoiding a possible injury. He may

have overthought a bit but he isn’t the

reason why the Lakers lost.

Lebron is in full playoff mode but needed

to do more and needed to hit timely shots

which didn’t occur at the end but the

Triple double was something special. I

would say this will motivate Lebron to be

more aggressive early and try to carry

them to the win in Game 2 even though he

shouldn’t be doing all the work but he may

have to show out to show his squad how

serious the playoffs are.

The Lakers will need to get a good verbal

spanking in the film room by their

coaches. The adjustments are very easy

to make. The 1st thing is making the

Blazers shooters play defense and not

take breaks to conserve energy for


2nd thing the Lakers need to take the ball

to the rim and draw fouls get the Blazers

big men in foul trouble. 3rd thing more

playing time for Caruso and Kuz who

should be the starting back court they

present the best continuity with the Lakers

dynamic duo also Dwight Howard needs

more minutes but needs to reduce the

fouls as well but his aggression made the

Lakers loon real dominant at points in

Game 1.

The last thing the Lakers need to just

breathe and remember how well they did

this season and what was the reason for

that. This team is capable of doing

something very special in these playoffs

and possibly capture their 17th ring. This

should serve as motivation for the top

seed in the West.

Written By:Pop Dibiase

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