The NHL regular season is dead


Just cancel it already.

If you haven’t got into the playoff picture after 68-70 games, you didn’t do your job.

That’s my main reason for wanting the National Hockey League’s regular season cancelled. Draft lottery teams have no interest in winning anymore and wasting another month on finishing up the regular season for teams just out of the playoff picture is a pathetic use of ice time.

So your team was close to making the playoffs? Boo hoo. So your team was heating up at the end of the year? Boo hoo. So your team battled through injuries in the regular season? Boo hoo.

Excuses are for losers. If you want to be in the playoffs, put yourself in that position from day one.

People are going to put an asterisk beside this season anyway, so just cancel the regular season, play the playoffs March Madness style and hand out the damn Stanley Cup.


Photo credit – @NHLFlames (Twitter)

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