The NHL has no clue what’s going on anymore

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From the draft lottery to hub cities pulling out, the National Hockey League is a roller coaster and a half.

Let’s start with the draft lottery…. Damn, you gotta feel for Detroit who was the worst team in the league by far, and they’ll get the fourth best prospect in the draft. Ottawa gets the 3rd and the 5th best players, which isn’t bad, but it isn’t Alexis Lafreniere.

LA getting Byfield at number two seems rigged but I like it for him to learn from Kopitar.

Now the wild shit. A no name team gets the FIRST OVERALL PICK. This is one of 16 teams that has a chance to go to the cup final, will have the chance to lose out in the play in round and have a shot at a franchise changer.

I’m really hoping Edmonton or Calgary loses, just so they get that 12.5% chance at Laf, but that’s just selfishly because I want to see him jump into a good lineup and not some dump.

The NHL has to have rigged this right?? They don’t want good young prospects in Ottawa or Detroit, and they needed the extra drama to get the media coverage. Perfect execution.

Then you got the hub cities, the players wanted to go to Vegas and Vancouver, then B.C.’s doc told the league to stick it so they had to backpedal, plus Vegas is welcoming COVID with open arms, so now are Toronto and Edmonton the front-runners?? Who knows.

When and where needs to start trending for the NHL, because I’m not confident we even get back to games, which would then throw another wrench in the draft lottery because the 9-16th place teams would be entered in the 12.5% ball pool for the number one pick.

I’m getting a headache just thinking about all this, not to mention the NHL isn’t quarantining players for training camp which is the stupidest thing you could do. What happens when one team gets coronavirus? Do they just drop out of the playoffs? Delays the series for 14 days while all the others go on? Stupid.

This is a mess and I just want hockey.



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