The Epic Highs And Lows of Professional Hockey – NHL Week 7 Report

Ethan Yarbro

We are back with another weekly recap of the NHL, and we as fans have been treated well. We have gotten to see great moments like Jordan Binnington’s hissy fit as he exited the ice during the Blues v.s. Sharks game on Saturday, or Nick Ritchie v.s. Braden Lemieux to end the Bruins and Rangers game on Sunday. We have also gone through some hardships, especially if you are a fan of any teams in the bottom of their divisions. However, things should look bright for all hockey fans as we not only start a new week, but we kick off a new month with some great games tonight. Let’s dive into a recap for Week 7 and look towards Week 8 and the rest of March for the NHL.

Canada’s Teams

With no surprise, the Toronto Maple Leafs lead the North division as they have been for consecutive weeks. Mitchell Marner and Auston Matthews continue to lead the team in goals (Matthews), assists (Marner), and points (Marner), and neither one of them seem like they are slowing down at any point. Toronto is on a 2-game win streak going into Week 8, as they picked up two wins out of their 3 games during Week 7. The Maple Leafs look to continue on the win streak as they battle in Edmonton against the second place Oilers on Monday and Wednesday, and then the Leafs will head to play in Vancouver against the Canucks on Thursday and Saturday. Of course, Matthews and Marner are not the only contributing players on the team, as Frederik Andersen finds himself in the top goalies in the league in second with a save percentage of .905 and a goals against average of 2.69 goals. The Leafs also have captain John Tavares, Willy Nylander, and Morgan Rielly all over 15 points on the season and contributing to the tenacity of the Leafs as they look to possibly hit 40 points and pick up a few wins during Week 8. Expect the Leafs to be the top team in the North and the NHL for the time being, possibly even at the end of the season.

Edmonton Oilers are clawing and fighting their way to hopefully pass the Maple Leafs, but to do that they will need to pick up some wins over the first place Leafs as they will play them at home on Monday and Wednesday, and then will get to play the Calgary Flames at home on Saturday. The Oilers’ Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl have been in the top of the NHL’s score leaders for weeks now, and McDavid has been the top points player for a good portion of the season. Both players are sharing the puck as they both have over 20 assists on the year (McDavid has 26 and Draisaitl has 24). With the help of Mikko Koskinen in net, posting a save percentage of .901 and 3.26 goals against average, the Oilers are playing like a well oiled machine (*slaps knee*). But unless they can grab some wins over the top team in the division, the Oilers will stay playing second fiddle in the North division.

The Winnipeg Jets sit in third, ahead by 4 points to the team in fourth and behind a point to the team in second. The Jets picked up three wins last week as they won all of their games during Week 7. Coming into the week on a 4 game win streak, the Jets will play the Canucks at home on Monday and Tuesday, and then hit the road to play Montreal’s French-Canadiens in Montreal on Thursday and Saturday. The Jets are 2-1 against the Canucks and are 2-0 against the Canadiens, as they played both teams last week as well. As long as Connor Hellebuyck plays the way he has been, putting up a .918 save percentage and a 2.56 goals against average, the Jets should not have to worry about the Canucks, who have been playing close games recently, and the Canadiens, as they continue their losing streak. Expect Mark Scheifele and Nikolaj Ehlers to put up the points for the Jets, and I would expect a jump to second place over the Oilers, based off of Toronto’s fiery intensity.

Rounding out the top four, the Montreal Canadiens sit with 23 points, four behind the Jets. Heading into Week 8 on a 5 game losing streak, the Canadiens will have a week at home as they play the last place Ottawa Senators on Tuesday and then play the third place Jets on Thursday and Saturday, a team who the Canadiens are 0-2 against on the season. The Canadiens will need their players to enter into March with the same fire they did in February, and players like Nick Suzuki, Tomas Tatar, Jonathan Drouin, and Brendan Gallagher will need to contribute more if the Canadiens want to end the losing streak and work their way back to the top of the division. The tendies Jake Allen and Carey Price will need to play some tight hockey while between the pipes, as Allen is posting a .929 save percentage and 2.12 goals against average on his 4-2-2 record and Price is posting a .888 save percentage and a 3.13 goals against average on his 5-4-3 record. Montreal will need to step it into another gear, if they want to move up past the Jets in the rankings and secure themselves a playoff spot, as we look towards the end of the season.

Now to the bottom teams in the North division. We have the Calgary Flames, who sit in 5th with 22 points and are only a point behind the Canadiens who are on a 5 game losing streak, the Vancouver Canucks, who sit in 6th with 18 points and unless they can turn it around and really capitalize in their games during March then they will find themselves staying right where they are, and the last place Ottawa Senators, who sit in 7th with 15 points and are tied with the lowest amount of points with the Buffalo Sabres and are arguably contending for the worst record in the NHL. The Flames sit on the heels of the Canadiens who had a rough ending to February. Calgary will need to grab some points against the Senators as they play them in Ottawa on Monday and then back in Calgary on Thursday, and they will play the second place Oilers in Edmonton. The Flames have the best chance out of the bottom teams to make it into the playoffs, especially if Montreal keeps up the poor play during Week 8. Vancouver will play in Winnipeg on Monday and Tuesday, a team they have a losing record to on the season at 1-2, and then head back home to hosts the red-hot Toronto Maple Leafs on Thursday and Saturday, a team the Canucks are 0-3 against. Vancouver is looking at a rough March as they come into the month only winning 2 games and are on a 4 game losing streak, including an overtime loss. The Canucks will need to tighten up on defense, as goals and shots on goal have been the deciding factor in most of their losses. The Ottawa Senators will head into Week 8 and the month of March on a better note then entering last month, as they won 3 of their 4 games at home last week, and they will need to pick up some wins against Calgary on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday as well as Montreal on Tuesday if they want to make their way from the bottom of the North. The Senators will need to play aggressively on the forecheck and on the back check, and they will need to put shots on goal as they are playing weaker net minders during Week 8.

Divisional Standings:

  1. Toronto Maple Leafs – 16-4-2, 34 Pts
  2. Edmonton Oilers – 14-9, 28 Pts
  3. Winnipeg Jets – 13-6-1, 27 Pts
  4. Montreal Canadiens – 9-6-5, 23 Pts
  5. Calgary Flames – 10-10-2,  22 Pts
  6. Vancouver Canucks – 8-14-2, 18 Pts
  7. Ottawa Senators – 7-15-1, 15 Pts

The Leaders Out West

The Vegas Golden Knights are the lead dogs in the West, as they end February with 7-3 record and coming into March on a 2 game winning streak. The Knights look to play the Minnesota Wild at home on Monday and Wednesday, a team who has found their way back into the top four, and then head to San Jose to play the last place Sharks on Friday and Saturday. With the top 6 teams in the division rather close, with each position only separated by a point, the Golden Knights will need to pick up some points to propel them higher than the others. Marc-Andre Fluery is keeping the net tight for the Knights, as he is in 5th in the top goalies in the NHL and is posting a .941 save percentage and a 1.59 goals against average, both stats are the best in the league out of the starting goalies in the league. With one of the best net minders in the league, arguably the best, Mark Stone and the Golden Knights will need to play fast paced and in your face hockey if they want to differentiate from the rest of the West.

The Minnesota Wild find themselves back in the top 4 of the West division as they sit in 2nd with 24 points, only one behind the Golden Knights and tied with the third place St. Louis Blues. The Wild are heading into Week 8 and the month of March on a 6 game winning streak and are looking to continue it. They are set to hit the road as they play in Vegas against the Golden Knights on Monday and Wednesday and then in Arizona on Friday and Saturday. The Wild could have a good week, as they are 7-3 on the road, and with a few wins this week, they would be able to separate from the Blues and also surpass the Golden Knights for the top spot of the West. The Wild can thank their tender Kaapo Kahkonen, as he breaks into the top goalies in the league at 10th and is posting a .915 save percentage and a 2.41 goals against average with a record 8-4. With Joel Eriksson Ek leading the team in goals, Jordan Greenway leading the team in assists, and Kirill Kaprizov leading in points, the Wild are finding their key players and will be looking to see more points coming from them if they want to continue the win streak and surpass the Golden Knights during Week 8.

The St. Louis Blues find themselves in third in the West, as they are tied in points with the rocketing Minnesota Wild with 24 points and are only ahead of the fourth seated Colorado Avalanche by one point. Leaving February with a 5-7 record, the Blues will look to pick up some wins on the road during Week 8 as they head to Anaheim to play the Ducks on Monday and Wednesday and then will play the Kings in Los Angeles on Friday and Saturday, a team the Blues are 1-3 against. With Jordan Binnington’s sour leave after being pulled on Saturday against the Sharks, I would highly doubt to see him get the nod to be in the net for a least a game or two, not until he can stop a puck and not blame others while throwing a hissy fit. With 5 players over 15 points, David Perron having the most assists and the most points on the team and Brayden Schenn having the most goals on the league, the Blues are putting up numbers while on the forecheck, but they will need to take the pressure off of their net minder, which will more than likely be Ville Husso, and help stop the opposition’s forecheck.

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Colorado is heading into March with a 4-4 record from February, and with problems with Covid, the Avalanche have slipped back in the standings to fourth. However, the Avalanche are only one point behind the third place St. Louis Blues and the second place Minnesota Wild and only two points behind the first place Vegas Golden Knights. Unfortunately, they sit ahead of the Los Angeles Kings only by a point and are only two points ahead of the Arizona Coyotes. They will need to pick up some wins during Week 8, as they play the Sharks in San Jose on Monday and Wednesday and then heading back to Colorado to play the Ducks at home on Friday and Saturday. The Avalanche’s net minder, Philipp Grubauer, has moved up to the top 3 in the league for goalies as he is posting a .923 save percentage and a 2.01 goals against average with a 10-5 record. With Nathan MacKinnon and Mikko Rantanen leading the team in goals (Rantanen), assists (MacKinnon), and points (MacKinnon), the Avalanche have both sides of the puck locked down, and they just need to capitalize on the opportunities they get.

The Los Angeles Kings and the Arizona Coyotes both barely sit outside the top 4 in the West division, as the Kings have 22 points and the Coyotes have 21 points. The Kings went 6-6 in the month of February and are looking to grab some points during  Week 8 to kickstart off their March on a good note and hopefully work their way to the top four. The Kings will play the Coyotes on Wednesday and the Blues on Friday and Saturday at home during Week 8. The Coyotes will be entering March with a 6-7 record in February and will be on the hunt for points as they look to fight their way into the top 4. The Yotes will play the Kings, who sit a point ahead of them, in Los Angeles on Wednesday and then will head back home to play the Minnesota Wild, who sit on a 6 game winning streak going into March. Both the Kings and the Coyotes will need to play aggressive on the forecheck while playing fully attentive on the back check in order to assist their goalies. Out of these two teams, it would seem the Kings have the upper hand in trying to get to the top 4, but I would never count out the Coyotes.

Closing out the West division, the Anaheim Ducks sit in 6th with 17 points and the San Jose Sharks sit in 7th with 16 points. Both teams are seemingly out of playoff contention at the moment, but things could always change. The Ducks are leaving February with a 3-8 record and are hoping to improve in March. In Week 8, the Ducks will take on the teetering Blues at home on Monday and Wednesday, and then hit the road to play the Avalanche in Colorado on Friday and Saturday. Anaheim will need to pick up points this week if they want to even have a shot at breaking into the top 4 of the West and a shot at the playoffs. San Jose is heading into March with a 4-6 record out of the last month, and they are looking to turn their luck around and build their way up to a playoff spot. The Sharks will take on the Avalanche at home on Monday and Wednesday and then play the Golden Knights on Friday and Saturday at home. The Sharks put enough goals for the Blues to pull Binnington, and it seems if they can keep the volume of shots up as well as play decisively on the back check, then the Sharks could pull some wins in March and stack some points as well.

Divisional Standings:

  1. Vegas Golden Knights – 12-4-1, 25 Pts
  2. Minnesota Wild – 12-6, 24 Pts
  3. St. Louis Blues – 11-8-2, 24 Pts
  4. Colorado Avalanche – 11-6-1, 23 Pts
  5. Los Angeles Kings – 9-7-4, 22 Pts
  6. Arizona Coyotes – 9-9-3, 21 Pts
  7. Anaheim Ducks – 6-10-5, 17 Pts
  8. San Jose Sharks – 7-9-2, 16 Pts


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The Central’s Contenders

The defending Stanley Cup Tampa Bay Lighting sit atop the Central with 29 points, tied with the Florida Panthers and only ahead of the Chicago Blackhawks by one point. With such a tight-knit top four, the Lighting will need to grab some points this week as they play in Dallas against the Stars on Tuesday and then travel again to play the Blackhawks on Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Andrei Vasilevskiy has become the number one goalie in the league with a save percentage of .938 and a goals against average of 1.75 on a 12-3-1 record. The Lighting also have their Big 3 leading the team as Steven Stamkos has the most goals on the team, Victor Hedman has the most assists, and Brayden Point is tied in points with the other two at 19. The Lighting are an onslaught team, and once they cross over the opponent’s blue line, their tactical offensive play starts chipping away at the net until the puck goes in. The race for the Central will be a tough one, but expect the Lighting to be amongst the playoff contenders.

Sitting tied in points with the first place Lighting are the Florida Panthers, who are coming into March with an 8-6 record over the last month. The Panthers will face the fourth place Hurricanes on Monday at home and then head to Smashville to play the Predators on Thursday and Saturday. The Panthers’ net minder, Chris Driedger, sits at number 14 on the top goalies in the league with a .928 save percentage and a 2.18 goals against average on a 7-2-1 record. With Driedger shutting down the attempts on net, the skaters of the Panthers are pouring on the shots on goal as they sit as one of the highest shots on goal volume teams in the league. The top 3 of the Panthers, Jonathan Huberdeau, Aleksander Barkov, and Patric Hornqvist have been pouring shots on net as they have 29, 73, and 69 shots on goal respectively. Huberdeau sits at 10th on the NHL’s scoring leaders list with 8 goals, 16 assists, and 24 points, while Barkov closes out the top 15 with 8 goals, 13 assists, and 21 points. The Panthers are a high volume team, especially as the game progresses, leaving goalies tired and unnerved between the pipes. I would expect either the Panthers or the Lighting to take the first spot in the Central by the end of the season, and so far my money is on Florida.

The Chicago Blackhawks look like a completely different team from January, as they sit in third only behind both the Lighting and the Panthers with one point. The Blackhawks exit February with a 9-4 record and are looking to keep up the hot play as they enter March. Chicago will play at home during Week 8 against the Tampa Bay Lighting on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday, which will be the second series between these teams since January. Chicago’s Kevin Lankinen sits at 6th on the top goalies list with a .924 save percentage and a 2.55 goals against average with a record of 9-3-3. With Lankinen and Malcom Subban tightening up their play between the pipes, the Blackhawks have been able to keep their focus on the forecheck. With a scorching February, Patrick Kane enters Week 8 in 2nd on the scoring leaders list with 11 goals, 23 assists, and 34 points, and is leading the team in all three. With Alex DeBrincat landing at 7th on the scoring leaders list with 11 goals, 14 assists, and 25 points and with Dominik Kubalik rounding out their top three with 8 goals, 10 assists, and 18 points, the Blackhawks are looking hungry to score some more. With the top 4 in the Central being so tight, Chicago will have to either duplicate or out perform the month of February in order to gain some standing and move up the standings in the Central.

Round out the top 4, the Carolina Hurricanes sit with 27 points, which is only one behind the 3rd place Blackhawks and only two behind the 2nd Florida Panthers and 1st placed Tampa Bay Lighting. With such tight contention for first in the Central between these teams, Carolina is looking to kickstart March off with some wins. Going 8-6 in February, the Hurricanes will look to grab some wins and work their way back atop the Central. In Week 8, the Hurricanes will play the Panthers on Monday in Florida and then travel to Nashville to play the Predators on Tuesday, and then head back home to play the Red Wings on Thursday and the Panthers again on Sunday. With some hungry teams looking for points, especially Florida’s volume of pucks on the net, Carolina’s James Reimer will need to keep up his play as he is posting a .897 save percentage with a 2.97 goals against average on a 9-3 record. The boys in the top 3, Vincent Trocheck who leads the team in goals, Sebastian Aho who leads in assists, and Andrei Svenchnikov who sits tied with the other two for the most points on the team, will all need to keep up their “share the wealth” play in order to create their chances while on the forecheck. Along with the captain Jordan Staal and Nino Niederreiter, the Hurricanes on the forecheck are looking to tear through some defenses and rack up some wins.

The 5th place Columbus Blue Jackets find themselves in a slump, as the 6th place Nashville Predators are on a 2 game winning streak and are looking to increase it during Week 8. The Blue Jackets have fallen out of the top 4 and are entering March on a 5 game losing streak, including a shootout loss to the Blackhawks last week. The Blue Jackets will need their top 3 in Cam Atkinson, Oliver Bjorkstrand, and Jack Roslovic to step up and start putting shots on net or otherwise they will continue to dwindle down the standings. The Blue Jackets are also hoping their acquisition of Patrick Laine doesn’t bite them in the butt, as he has 6 goals, 4 assists, and 10 points on his 13 games played. The Nashville Predators are looking to continue the win streak during Week 8 as they will play Carolina on Tuesday and Florida on Thursday and Saturday at home, and then will fly to Dallas to play the last place boys in “Victory” Green. Nashville will need some tight offensive play from their top 2 of Filip Forsberg and Roman Josi, who will need some help if Nashville wants to make March a great month.

Rounding out the Central are the Detroit Red Wings with 17 points and the Dallas Stars with 16 points. Detroit leaves February with a 5-9 record and are looking to keep working their way up the standings. The Red Wings will have an interesting week as they play on the road against the Blue Jackets on Tuesday and then the Hurricanes on Thursday. The Red Wings will need some tighter play on the ice, as they have been pretty sloppy when transitioning from defense to offense, and vice versa. Luckily for the Red Wings, the Stars can’t seem to find a way to win as they sit at the bottom of the Central. With only winning 2 games in February, the Stars are hoping to turn it around in March, as they have 12 home games scheduled and putting up a better chance of winning at home than on the road. With Oettinger still trying to find his legs in the net as a pro, Anton Khudobin will need to play consistently while in the net in hopes of lower scoring chances for the opposition. The Stars’ skaters will also need to play harder on the back check as it seems they look lost trying to defend their own zone.

Divisional Standings:

  1. Tampa Bay Lighting – 14-4-1, 29 Pts
  2. Florida Panthers – 13-4-3, 29 Pts
  3. Chicago Blackhawks – 12-7-4, 28 Pts
  4. Carolina Hurricanes – 13-6-1, 27 Pts
  5. Columbus Blue Jackets – 8-10-5, 21 Pts
  6. Nashville Predators – 10-11, 20 Pts
  7. Detroit Red Wings – 7-14-3, 17 Pts
  8. Dallas Stars – 6-6-4, 16 Pts

The Eastern Empire

The Washington Capitals sit at the top of the East with 28 points, but they do not sit comfortably. It is no surprise that the East is closely competitive, and if the Capitals want to make it out of the regular season in first, they will need to keep up the strong play. The Capitals enter March on a 3 game winning streak with a 6-6 record from the previous month. The Capitals will hit the road to play the Boston Bruins on Wednesday and Friday, and then head to Philadelphia to play the Flyers on Sunday. With a pretty back-and-forth month, the Capitals are hoping to pick up some points early on in March in hopes to stay ahead of the rest of the division. Their top player in Nicklas Bäckström sits in ninth the scoring leaders list again with 10 goals, 15 assists, and 25 points. He will need some help from John Carlson, Tom Wilson and Alex Ovechkin if the Capitals want to take March for themselves.

Sitting in second place, only behind by two points, the Boston Bruins leave February with a 8-4 record and looking to start a winning streak in Week 8. The Bruins will play at home this week as they play the Capitals on Wednesday and Friday and then will play the New Jersey Devils on Sunday. Brad Marchand has slipped down the scoring leaders list, but he is still there with 10 goals, 13 assists, and 23 points. Patrice Bergeron, with 8 goals, 12 assists, and 20 points, along with David Pastrnak, who has 9 goals, 9 assists, and 18 points, are some offensive threats along with Charlie McAvoy and Nick Ritchie, who helped close out the win on Saturday with a fight against Brendan Lemieux. Tuukka Rask is slowly returning to his prowess as he sits at 13th on the top goalies list with a .896 save percentage and a 2.71 goals against average. The Bruins are a dynamic team with strong skaters and strong scorers. I would expect them to finish top 2 in the division, with a strong chance at first.

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Ritchie vs. Lemieux to end the game.

New York’s finest in the Islanders have finally found their way into the top 4 as they sit in 3rd with 26 points and tied with the Bruins. The Islanders exited February with an 8-4 record and are looking to continue to build their way up the standings in the East division. The Islanders will kick off Week 8 on the road in New Jersey against the Devils on Tuesday, and then head back home to play against the Sabres on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. With games against the two last place teams in the division, the Islanders will look to grab points and wins early on in March in hopes of gaining some control in the standings. With Semyon Varlamov tending to the net and posting a .924 save percentage with a 2.17 goals against average while sitting in 7th on the top goalies list, the Islanders net minders are closing off the high percentage chances and keeping the games in reach. With Matthew Barzal, Anders Lee and Nick Leddy leading the charge, the Islanders have a decent chance of staying within the top 4 and maybe even climbing higher as the season goes on.

Sitting in 4th, the Philadelphia Flyers sit in a strong position to move up the standings or move down this week. The Flyers came out of February with a 4-4 record and with Covid being a factor in losing some players during key games, the Flyers are hoping to make March important to their season. They kick off March on the road as they head to Pittsburgh to play the Penguins on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and then head home to play the Capitals on the start of a home game stretch. The Flyers’ James van Riemsdyk finds himself in the scoring leaders list again with his 10 goals, 15 assists, and 25 goals. Along with Joel Farabee, Kevin Hayes, and Claude Giroux throwing up some numbers while on the forecheck, the Flyers are looking to create more offensive pressure while on the forecheck and looking to capitalize when in the opponent’s zone.

Pittsburgh gets their own paragraph as they seem to be the biggest threat in breaking up the top 4 as they have 23 points and are looking to surpass the rest of the top 4. The Penguins leave February with a 6-6 record and are hoping to grab some big points in March. They will play the Flyers at home on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and then welcome the Rangers to their home on Sunday. With their captain Sidney “The Kid” Crosby leads the team in assists and points and is tied with Jake Guentzel in goals. The Penguins are looking to tighten the screws on the forecheck and make sure to make smart, clean and decisive moves while in the opposition’s side of the ice.

Closing out the bottom 3, all within a point of each other, the New York Rangers, the New Jersey Devils, and the Buffalo Sabres enter March looking to redeem themselves and make their way up the standings. The Rangers leave February with a 5-6 record and are looking to clean up their offensive and defensive play against Buffalo at home on Tuesday, the Devils in New Jersey on Thursday and Saturday, and then in Pittsburgh against the Penguins on Sunday. Without Panarin, the Rangers will need the likes of Mika Zibanejad, Ryan Strome and their youth to turn up the play and play aggressive, but smart in March. The Devils are looking to pick up some points in Week 8 as they play the Rangers at home on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and then head to Boston to play the Bruins on Sunday. They are bringing a 3-5 record with them from February and are hoping to have better chances on the ice and against Covid. The Devils will need Pavel Zacha, Jack Hughes, and others to turn up their play and look to create more chances on goal while limiting the opponents’ chances on their own net. Buffalo sits in last and leaves February with a record of 2-7, and with their own problems with Covid, the Sabres are hoping the worst is behind them. With Week 8 rolling in, the Sabres hit the road to play in New York against the Rangers on Tuesday and then against the Islanders on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Buffalo will need to focus and work their way out of the bottom, or let what happened to them in February repeat itself and shut them down like Covid did.

Divisional Standings:

  1. Washington Capitals – 12-5-4, 28 Pts
  2. Boston Bruins – 12-5-2, 26 Pts
  3. NY Islanders – 11-6-4, 26 Pts
  4. Philadelphia Flyers – 11-4-3, 25 Pts
  5. Pittsburgh Penguins – 11-8-1, 23 Pts
  6. NY Rangers – 7-9-3, 17 Pts
  7. New Jersey Devils – 7-8-2, 16 Pts
  8. Buffalo Sabres – 6-10-3, 15 Pts


With two and a half months to go, we are finally getting to the meats and potatoes of the season. Teams are going to get extremely competitive and divisions will either completely separate or they will be as tight knit as a crochet beanie. With March kicking off tonight with some strong games, lets hope as fans that we get to some great games as we head towards the tail end of the season. And as a Stars fan, I hope that those whose teams are struggling at the moment look to turn it around in March and we can get some better play from our teams.

NHL’s Scoring Leaders

  1. Connor McDavid, EDM – 14 G, 26 A, 40 P
  2. Patrick Kane, CHI – 11 G, 23 A, 34 P
  3. Leon Draisaitl, EDM – 10 G, 24 A, 34 P
  4. Mitchell Marner, TOR – 10 G, 22 A, 32 P
  5. Auston Matthews, TOR – 18 G, 13 A, 31 P
  6. Mark Scheifele, WPG – 11 G, 17 A, 28 P
  7. Alex DeBrincat, CHI – 11 G, 14 A, 25 P
  8. James van Riemsdyk, PHI – 10 G, 15 A, 25 P
  9. Nicklas Bäckström, WSH – 10 G, 15 A, 25 P
  10. Jonathan Huberdeau, FLA – 8 G, 16 A, 25 P
  11. Brad Marchand, BOS – 10 G, 13 A, 23 P
  12. Anze Kopitar, LAK – 4 G, 19 A, 23 P
  13. Brock Boeser, VAN – 12 G, 10 A, 22 P
  14. Nikolaj Ehlers, WPG – 11 G, 11 A, 22 P
  15. Aleksander Barkov, FLA – 8 G, 13 A, 21 P

NHL’s Top Goalies

  1. Andrei Vasilevskiy, TBL – 12-3-1, .938 SV%, 1.75 GAA
  2. Frederik Andersen, TOR – 11-3-2, .905 SV%, 2.69 GAA
  3. Philipp Grubauer, COL – 10-5, .923 SV%, 2.01 GAA
  4. Connor Hellebuyck, WPG – 10-5-1, .918 SV%, 2.56 GAA
  5. Marc-Andre Fluery, VGK – 9-3, .941 SV%, 1.59 GAA
  6. Kevin Lankinen, CHI – 9-3-3, .924 SV%, 2.55 GAA
  7. Semyon Varlamov, NYI – 9-4-3, .924 SV%, 2.17 GAA
  8. Vitek Vanecek, WSH – 9-4-3, .909 SV%, 2.81 GAA
  9. James Reimer, CAR – 9-3, .897 SV%, 2.97 GAA
  10. Kaapo Kahkonen, MIN – 8-4, .915 SV%, 2.41 GAA
  11. Jacob Markstrom, CGY – 8-6-1, .909 SV%, 2.87 GAA
  12. Jordan Binnington, STL – 8-6-2, .909 SV%, 2.66 GAA
  13. Tuukka Rask, BOS – 8-3-1, .896 SV%, 2.71 GAA
  14. Chris Driedger, FLA – 7-2-1, .928 SV%, 2.18 GAA
  15. Mikko Koskinen, EDM – 7-8, .901 SV%, 3.26 GAA


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