The Cleveland Browns’ problems start at the top

-Cleveland, OH (11/5/2019)


The year is almost 2020 and we’re on the information Amtrak but unfortunately tons of that information is misinformed, headline grabbing and void of facts. Sure, it’s always easier to just blame the quarterback of a pro football team. Isn’t it weird though, that almost every time the Patriots win it’s because of Tom Brady and every time they lose he rarely takes the blame? Baker Mayfield certainly hasn’t earned that comfort nor should he, but to point a finger at Baker every game would be a mistake.

I’ve made no secret about this, I do NOT like the owner of the Browns, ole’ Jimmy Haslam. That good ole boy, aww shucks attitude doesn’t fool me. His main business, Pilot J Trucking, almost landed him in prison (thanks to money, lots of it, he’s free) because he was totally screwing his customers and committing fraud (allegedly). How much do you think he cares about his “other” customers, the Cleveland Browns fans?

First, he bought the Browns when they were an estimated worth of $977 Million (Forbes) and they’re now worth $2.175 Billion as of September ’19 (Forbes). The Browns are a miserable 23-81-1 with Haslam as their owner, so they’ve increased in value by a whopping $52 Million per win. Does it sound like there’s any incentive for this owner to break his bank to bolster this team? This same owner brought back Hue Jackson after Hue went 1-31 in back to back embarrassing seasons. Imagine in the NFL, where coaches often are fired, this owner brought a guy back after going 1-31!!! He also forced the same coach to make their worst draft pick in history because a homeless man told him to draft Johnny Manziel. AND THEN, when things were absolutely rolling last year (we were horrific calls at Oakland and at Baltimore away from making the playoffs) he dismantles the coaching staff, trades away interior reinforcements and hires a head coach with no name recognition. No offense to Kitchens, but he spent 11 years in Arizona and didn’t climb the ladder there, then comes to Cleveland in 2018 and within 12 months goes from running backs coach to offensive coordinator to head coach….in 12 MONTHS!!

Seems to me like this is almost on purpose from ole’ Jimmy Haslam.

Speaking of Kitchens, who’s next on the totem pole. How many times must we see him go for it on 4th down with Nick Chubb on the SIDELINE!?!?!?!?!? Hey coach, Chubb averages 5.2 yds per carry this year (803 yds on 154 carries with 6 TDs). Might I add our kicker, Austin Seibert is 14-14 on field goals? That’s right, 100%….remember when Phil Dawson was our MVP? If Kitchens kicks the field goal Sunday in the 3rd quarter with over 6 minutes left in the quarter, not only do we cut it to 9 points with momentum (defense was playing lights out in the 2nd half) but we very likely win that game 25-24.

When did it become popular to turn down points via the field goal? Are coaches working with the NFL and NCAA to create a little more razzle dazzle for the younger audience? Coaching 101 says load up on points in the first 3 quarters and start taking chances in the 4th, if you have to. Some of these decisions look like he’s trying to impress someone rather than make sound coaching decisions to try and win. Like, “hey look at me, I’m a big gambler over here, I take huge risk, I’m so bold!!!” Well that’s great coach, you’re also 2-6 and almost eliminated from the playoffs already, when Vegas had you as the 5th best odds to win the friggin Super Bowl!!! Dammit, why did Halsam break up last year’s chemistry???


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And now Baker Baker, the non touchdown maker. So are we done with this B*S* hype? As a former QB I’d like to point out, Baker did NOT miss Odell wide open at the end of the game Sunday. Know why he didn’t “miss” him? Cause it’s painfully obvious after a season and a half with Baker at the helm, that he struggles to read defenses, and he struggles terribly. The coaches give him his main receiver and if he can’t hit him then he either HAS to scramble, or make a bad pass. To “miss” Odell would mean that was even an option, and it clearly wasn’t. It wouldn’t have even dawned on Baker to look that way cause god forbid we try and throw it to a man with “sticky” hands and catches so many difficult balls when the game is on the line.

Instead, Baker tried to force the ball to his key receiver, the one he was told to throw to. Guess what happens when you have a quarterback that has to be told who to throw to before the play happens, he throws 58% completion percentage with 7 TDs and 12 INTs…yep, almost 2 interceptions to each of his touchdowns. Baker has also been sacked 23 times, almost 3 times a game (from indecisiveness). I’m not putting all the blame on Baker but my goodness we have prolific wide receivers and a stud running back. The Browns should not be 2-6!

Baker arguably got outplayed by Brandon Allen (first NFL start) and his receivers thought at 2-5 the best thing they could do this week was jazz up their shoes….and the Browns went from 5th best Super Bowl odds to now they’re lucky to finish the season with 6 or 7 wins….in other words, business as usual in Berea.


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