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The Cincinnati and Dayton Sports Podcast – 6/30/2020


It’s the newest episode of The Cincinnati and Dayton Sports Podcast, as I interview Jim Dabbelt and talk about his upcoming book “The Ohio 150” set to be released in Early 2021.

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Greetings folks,

It’s time for another episode of The Cincinnati and Dayton Sports Podcast! Enjoy it here or find your favorite way to listen to podcasts at this link!

I interview Jim Dabbelt for this episode. For those that don’t know, Jim was the very first guest I had on the podcast all the way back on Episode 4. Jim is currently writing “The Ohio 150”, which picks 150 of the best Women’s Basketball athletes in Ohio from 1990 until this previous season. The book is slated to be released in Early 2021.

Jim and I also talk about the upcoming changes to some local high school conferences.

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Until next episode,


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