The Cincinnati and Dayton Sports Podcast – 4/4/2022


Both sports stations in Dayton recently received a Nielsen rating of 0.5, and this podcaster has had enough. It’s time to finally talk about why Dayton sports radio gets a bad rap on this podcast and what should be done about it.

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Time for another episode of The Cincinnati and Dayton Sports Podcast! Listen here thanks to 12oz Sports or find your favorite way of listening to podcasts here.

Normally I just include the description of the podcast episode here and be done with it, but this is probably my most controversial episode I’ve ever done. As you might know, I’m a struggling broadcaster that hasn’t had a lot of luck in the Dayton media employment scene. Most of the time, my resume is left to sit (or most likely shredded, like I mention on this podcast) with maybe an interview. Recently, both sports stations in Dayton were given a Nielsen rating of 0.5, which is tied for last in the market. That drew my ire and finally pushed me to create this episode.

I actually had already recorded an episode about both sports stations in Dayton and why they can be better, way back for Episode 104. That episode was never released and I forget what I uploaded instead. That old copy was really sweet, positive, more of a go-get-’em light. This episode is nothing like that. I’m incredibly disappointed in both sports stations in Dayton and I hope it shows on this episode. I also try to keep this episode classy, not wishing anybody losing their jobs nor unleashing petty insults because of “jealousy.” As I mention on this episode, I’m a Daytonian who’s simply wanting more from my two sports stations, even if I’m not the right guy to do it.

So, there you have it. Please enjoy and I’ll talk to you all next episode.


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