The Cincinnati and Dayton Sports Podcast – 4/11/2021


Wright State University has a battle brewing, and the future of Raider Athletics is at stake. Hear about what’s happening on campus from an alumnus and employee of Wright State University in Lee W. Mowen. It’s the LOCAL Cin-Day Sports Podcast!

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This is Episode 208 of The Cincinnati and Dayton Sports Podcast. Enjoy it here thanks to 12oz Sports or find your favorite platform here.

This episode is a bit different from the rest, with no frills and just one topic: The Future of Wright State Athletics. This topic is very near and dear to me, being an alum of the university. I owe a lot to Wright State’s Athletic Department in my time as a student and as a current employee. Seeing this battle breaks my heart, considering how many are unfairly anti-athletics. I discuss my feelings, the latest news, and more on this topic. If you listen to just one episode of my podcast, make it this one.

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