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Updated 9/23/2020


Hello all! I am going on vacation to Florida from October 6th through the 12th. When I return, I would love to have a conference call with everyone, or at least those that feel they are "lifers" and ready to kick this into high gear. As you may know, I have decided to finish my degree at Purdue University, as I work in oil and gas which has me a bit worried about my future due to commodity prices and the upcoming, heated election. My studies are shedding some light on what we need to do if we want to transform out of just being a grassroots sports network that provides free airtime and makes no money. One of the statements I read in one of my global management courses caught my eye. The statement was, "what differentiates your business from the others? Especially in an industry with an abundance of players." That is a question we must ask ourselves. Tons of networks have talk shows, broadcast live sports, and spit out a few articles here and there. What exactly makes us different? Hell, maybe nothing and that is ok, we have fun and fulfill some dreams. What if the dream is bigger?

That'll give you a taste of the direction I would like the groupthink conference call to take. Open forum, let us exchange ideas.

A few things to ponder until then. I want everyone to feel like an owner. The problem is, everyone wants to be an owner on the backend, making money. Very few want to be an owner on the frontend, making plans and doing tedious things. Why? Because of the risk of failure usually, and then the feeling of wasted time. Of course, I am not asking anyone to "be an owner" in the true sense. Only a few items I feel I should ask of you and trust you to do. They are:

  • Give you access to the public schedule so you can make your own changes for live shows and replays, instead of texting me that you can't be live tonight.
  • Expect everyone to schedule their show on Zingo, both for live and recordings

That is pretty simple and not really that hard. Now for the things that I will focus on post-meeting (that I can focus on if I am not constantly scheduling and filling airtime in Zingo):

  • What can we do to really stand out? Edgy? Political? Brass?
  • How can we locate individuals willing to work for a sales commission and find us sponsors? I can then turn that revenue into marketing.
  • How can we better integrate social media, with everyone participating through the network account?
  • How can we attract one, C level or B level name for regular appearances?


Just a few items and I will have much more in the near future. Keep this in mind - DO NOT feel obligated!! If this is just for fun, god bless ya keep doing it. I have said it before and will say again, I can sustain the overhead virtually forever. I am just feeling everyone out for their actual desire to try and turn this into something bigger. There is ZERO pressure on any of you to contribute to the growth.

Check back on this page for updates and I will try and text the group each time I update the page.


Thank you,


THE Janitor

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