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ESPN on Twitter

I served the longest suspension in MLB history. It cost me well over $35M. And you know what? I deserved that." @AROD says the Astros deserve whatever comes their way after the lack of remorse they've shown. https://t.co/AnezyIyhHa


/r/spurs on Twitter

Tim Duncan walking out the tunnel as HC for the first time tonight https://t.co/qHbnVeG6pQ


Kendrick Perkins on Twitter

When will James Dolan get it? We don't need the whole story before judging! When you have a reputation of mishandling people that represent the culture of NY basketball, like Charles Oakley - Spike Lee should never have a problem at the Garden. He is the Knicks. It's inexcusable!


🥶 on Twitter

This still funny to me, Zion was like whose mans is this??? 😂😂 https://t.co/tjXqxcPjCK


Deion Sanders on Twitter

This Really Happened! #Truth ⁦@prime_239⁩


Not Will Ferrell on Twitter

Your week: presented by Will Ferrell: https://t.co/qn0uL6Nim2


Warren Sharp on Twitter

What Tom Brady's won with: In only 1 of 18 yrs as a starter has Brady's leading receiver been a WR taller than 6'0" (Moss, 2007).


Brendan Phelps on Twitter

Absolute great tilt from @allard_mitchell! Pushes us to 5-4 win tonight!!! Still love to see it!! @hockeyfights @spittinchiclets @NAHLHockey @mnwilderness https://t.co/Grs3MSD3kd


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