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ESPN on Twitter

I served the longest suspension in MLB history. It cost me well over $35M. And you know what? I deserved that." @AROD says the Astros deserve whatever comes their way after the lack of remorse they've shown.


/r/spurs on Twitter

Tim Duncan walking out the tunnel as HC for the first time tonight


Kendrick Perkins on Twitter

When will James Dolan get it? We don't need the whole story before judging! When you have a reputation of mishandling people that represent the culture of NY basketball, like Charles Oakley - Spike Lee should never have a problem at the Garden. He is the Knicks. It's inexcusable!


🥶 on Twitter

This still funny to me, Zion was like whose mans is this??? 😂😂


Deion Sanders on Twitter

This Really Happened! #Truth ⁦@prime_239⁩


Not Will Ferrell on Twitter

Your week: presented by Will Ferrell:


Warren Sharp on Twitter

What Tom Brady's won with: In only 1 of 18 yrs as a starter has Brady's leading receiver been a WR taller than 6'0" (Moss, 2007).


Brendan Phelps on Twitter

Absolute great tilt from @allard_mitchell! Pushes us to 5-4 win tonight!!! Still love to see it!! @hockeyfights @spittinchiclets @NAHLHockey @mnwilderness


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