Tarps Off Sports joins 12oz Sports



Making their debut today from 1-4pm (EST) on 12oz Sports will be Tarps Off Sports!

Tarps Off CEO Chris Mancuso and his crew will provide entertaining and insightful content to our current weekend lineup of shows.

The Tarps Off Hockey brand has exploded over the past year, quickly becoming the top content in SportsCastr, so a move to a more accessible platform will surely help get their great content out to a wider audience.

From hockey, to football, soccer, basketball, baseball and everything else under the sun, the crew at Tarps Off Sports provide must watch/listen shows!

Tune in to their live debut today from 1-4pm (EST) on 12oz Sports!

Online: 12ozSportsNetwork.com/live

Twitter: @12ozSports

Facebook: 12oz Sports

Zingo TV: Channel 761

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