Tampa Bay Lightning’s Kucherov embarrasses Holtby…again

Clayton Windsor

Now I’m just gonna level before I start talking all kinds of hockey…..I DO NOT watch regular season hockey. No more than a handful of games in a regular season. When I do its damn near playoff time, OR its the TB Lightning. I attended several Lightning games back when I lived in the Tampa area. NO, I don’t own a jersey. NO, I couldn’t name 5 players on the damn team. NO, I’m not a major hockey fan. Yet, this is my squad. Deal with it.

Now that that’s clear….I was up early this morning watching the good ole 4-letter-network when some highlights from last nights Lightning/Caps game came on. Sweet! Again, I did not watch this in real time.

Kucherov! 5-hole! Lightning win!

And Holtby couldn’t look like more of a fool….unless this has happened before.

NHL GIFs on Twitter

🤔 Seeing a pattern here, @86Kucherov. https://t.co/2UsWF4YGLj

Oh wait…it has happened before. To the same goalie. Granted it was a breakaway…but, damn. Dude does people nasty like this on the regular.

Holtby’s response:

Isabelle Khurshudyan on Twitter

Holtby on Kucherov’s goal and if ASG one was in his head: “The key to getting better is learning from your mistakes, and obviously I didn’t do that. I was just trying to play it patient. I wasn’t trying to cheat towards that move, and he came at it a different way.

Tough look. Lightning won 4-2.


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