The Sports Stance Ep. 216: Bigger Than Sports

The guys have a somber show this week as sports don’t seem as at the forefront due to recent events. They do discuss the NBA Playoffs and Conference Finals blowouts that keep occurring. Greg and Paul don’t say it, but think a certain team that wheres sox of red could […]

The Sports Stance Ep. 214: Long Shot? No Problem.

The guys are back with a short and sweet show this week. Paul welcomed his newest grandchild and the weekend was a bit hectic. We wanted to get a show in and we made it a good one. We talk some Stanley Cup playoffs and the fact the Bruins weren’t […]

The Sports Stance Ep. 212: Angel Hernandez is No Bueno

Plain and simple this episode has two themes. The first being the Celtics sweeping KD, Kyrie, and the Nets. The second being the fact the Angel Hernandez might be the WORST umpire to ever umpire. If you like what you hear, make sure to like and subscribe to us and […]

The Sports Stance Ep. 208: Smackin Around the Sports World

The guys are back and smacking around the sports world. They talk Sunday Night Boxing at the Oscars and follow it up with plenty of other takes from other leagues. They discuss everything from LeBron and the Lakers missing the playoffs to Tiger possibly playing in The Masters. All that […]

The Sports Stance Ep. 206: We Have Our Own MJ Flu Game

The guys are talking comebacks. Tom Brady has decided retirement isn’t for him and Greg and Paul discuss. Greg is battling like MJ did through a flu like sickness. He’s got to talk Brady and baseball though. The guys keep it short and simple. Check it out and don’t forget […]

The Sports Stance Ep. 191: Giving Thanks For Football and Food

The guys are back this holiday week and giving you their power rankings for the top 5 teams in the NFL and the top 5 foods on your plate for Thanksgiving! They also give what games to watch on Turkey Day and the weekend. The LeBron suspension is discussed, but […]

The Sports Stance Ep. 187: Walking Off to Houston

This week Greg and Paul are starting off the show with a bit of celebrating. The Red Sox are in the ALCS and will be facing off against the Astros in a rematch of 2018, with some added storylines involved. The guys discuss the series and their predictions for it, […]

The Sports Stance 186: Sox Gonna Give It To Ya

The guys are talking everything about the Wild Card game between the Red Sox v. Yankees and who they are picking to win the World Series. Plus a look ahead to week 5 of the NFL, while talking about the return of Tom Brady to New England and the trade […]

The Sports Stance Ep. 185: Tommy Boy is Coming Home

This week Greg starts the show off solo and discussing the surprises and expected wins and losses that took place over week 3 of the NFL. Teams like the Chiefs make the list in more than one way before Paul joins the show to discuss the return of the prodigal […]

The Sports Stance Ep 184: Ryder Die Life

The guys are back and breaking down the good and the bad in the NFL in Week 2. Did any teams jump out and surprise or was everything predictable? We can tell you there was at least one fan hoping for a shock on Monday night, but unfortunately, even God […]

The Sports Stance Ep. 183: Rodgers Already Packin It In

Greg and Paul are back this week giving their reactions to week 1 of the NFL season. Plenty of teams surprised and some fell flat on their face. The guys go over it all, including who was their biggest fantasy boom and bust! The guys also discuss the awkward moment […]

The Sports Stance Ep. 167: Play In and Rodgers Out

The guys get into the NFL Draft and their favorite picks from their own rooting interests along with some of the picks in general that they liked. They also look into the timing of the Aaron Rodgers news. Will he be in GB next year? Next, it’s some NBA talk. […]

The Sports Stance Ep. 166: Draft Me to Proper No. 12

IT’S DRAFT WEEKEND!!!! The NFL draft is here and the guys talk about the top picks and how the 49ers pick particularly could shift how the rest of the draft unfolds. Plus how does the Broncos trade to acquire Teddy Bridgewater change things? Will the Patriots trade up? Will the […]