We Talk Sports Good 4-13-22

It is Wednesday my dudes! Dom and Randell are joined by their NBA expert Jalen Jury! The guys chat about the upcoming NBA playoffs, Play in tournament, predictions, and thoughts from the WTSG Mavs outing this past Friday! Follow us on Twitter @WeTalkSportGood and Instagram @WeTalkSportsGood

The Sports Stance Ep. 175: Let Freedom Ring and Hot Dogs Sizzle

The weekend of freedom is upon us and the guys are breaking down everything in the sports world, including that famous hot dog contest. First up is the “Well this is Awkward and Oh No Baby, What is You Doin” combo. The idiot with a sign at the Tour de […]

We Talk Sports Good 6-30-21

Dom and Randell take a look at the new NIL being passed for college athletes and weigh in.  The guys also chat about the MLB All Star voting, NBA Playoffs, and more! Follow us on twitter @wetalksportgood

We Talk Sports Good 6-23-21

Dom is joined by Micah to discuss the MLB, the sticky substance issue, some college world series, and of course the NBA Playoffs! Follow us on twitter @WeTalkSportGood!

The Sports Stance Ep. 174: Your NBA……Globetrotters????

The guys this week have a short show that is packed with lots of stances. They first dive into the US Open where Jon Rahm took home his first major. The guys discuss his performance and the fact that they actually made decent picks for players that were going to […]

We Talk Sports Good 6-16-21

Dom and Randell take a look at the latest Mavs news and also the NBA Playoffs and the series so far.   After the break the guys give their thoughts on the new possible College Football Playoff Expansion that might be coming in the near future.   Dom also shares his CWS […]

We Talk Sports Good 5-26-21

Dom is joined by former co-workers Jeremy and Chevy to talk about the past week in Sports!  They dive into the PGA Championship, Bryson vs Brooks, the Match part 3, some NBA, MLB, NFL, and more!!  Follow us on twitter @WeTalkSportGood