The Sports Stance Ep. 196: Our Sports Christmas Wish List

Greg and Paul are back with some holiday cheer and a sports wishlist for Santa. The guys talk their NFL power rankings and what could happen if covid takes over the college football playoffs. Check it all out and thanks again for listening!

The Sports Stance Ep. 195: Holiday Cheer Fantasy Playoffs Are Here

Greg and Paul are discussing the Covid outbreak among all the major sports leagues. They all have varying degrees of outbreak, but the NFL is unique for the fact that Fantasy Football playoffs begin in most leagues. No major outbreaks have really occurred up until now. They also discuss their […]

The Sports Stance Ep. 192: Holiday Cheer to the Power Rankings

The guys are back and breaking down everything from Kelly stomping on clovers on his way to LSU and the lockout in the MLB. Greg and Paul first look at the high profile coaching carousel that took place with both Oklahoma and Notre Dame losing two very succesful coaches to […]