Switzerland Gains A Key Win Over Slovakia, 7-2

Ethan Yarbro


Switzerland wins their third round robin game, winning seven to two against Slovakia and posting 26 shots on goal compared to Slovakia’s 29. For Switzerland, this is a huge win due to their current position after this game. Switzerland sits at the number three spot in Group A, only behind one point from second place Finland with 7 points and two points from first place Sweden with 8 points. Going into the final game of the round robin portion of the tournament, and playing Finland for what seems to be playing for the second place position in Group A, the Swiss team has a lot to gain and a lot to lose but it all depends how this team looked in the Slovakia game. The Swiss came to play today against the Slovakian team and on both sides of the puck, the Swiss dominated for all three periods of the game.

Switzerland looked dominate in today’s game against Slovakia, and both the offense and defense work very well together today. With the offensive side, we saw three goals in the first period and two goals in each the second and third period. The goal scores for today’s game were distributed amongst the top players on the team. Gilian Kohler had two goals in the first period along with Valentin Nussbaumer’s goal. The second period saw Simon Knak and Sandro Schmid each score a goal, and in the third period we saw Mika Henauer and Matthew Verboon both score a goal. Verboon’s goal today set him as the points leader for the team and we were able to see the offense run at full throttle today with little mistakes. On the defensive side of the puck, Luca Hollenstein was the only goalie in net today and he posted a 0.930 save percentage, saving 27 shots out of Slovakia’s 29 shots on goal. This was a big game for Hollenstein, especially after Saturday’s effort against Sweden. The Swiss team looked hungry today and looked to gain a way out of the Group A round robin. The Swiss team had their best game so far in the round robin and took control over the game from the first goal of the game.

Going into the final game of the Group A round robin, Switzerland will need to keep the same energy they went into today’s game with. The Swiss came to play today, and put their own decision in their hands with a win today. As the standings sit, Switzerland is in third place behind Finland in second and Sweden in first. Sweden will play Slovakia tomorrow, and unless Slovakia pulls a huge upset, Sweden will finish the round robin more than likely in first place. This leaves the position of second place open to whomever wins the game between Switzerland and Finland tomorrow. Finland is the defending championship team from last year’s tournament, and should always be taken on with everything left in tank. For Switzerland, a win against Finland in regulation will put them in second place with 9 points and secure their advancement into the medal placement rounds of the tournament. Switzerland will need to be the same team they were today if they want a shot at making it out of the Group A round robin and they will need to spread the wealth around on offense, just as they did today. Every line will need to be a threat to Finland’s defenders and the Swiss will need to direct the game if they want a chance at beating the defending champs.

Switzerland will play Finland tomorrow, December 31st at 1 pm ET/12 pm CT. Switzerland has been an interesting team to watch so far in the round robin preliminary tournament, and I hope that we get to see them defeat Finland and take the second place spot in Group A going into the medal placement round. We will see you tomorrow for the last game of the round robin and be sure to follow 12oz Sports for all of your favorite teams final reports of the round robin portion of the tournament, and be sure to look out for Switzerland’s and Finland’s game tomorrow because it might be the best we will see before the medal placement rounds.

Photo: Swiss Ice Hockey/Twitter

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