Switzerland Falls To Russia In The Quarterfinals, 1-3

Ethan Yarbro

Switzerland exits the run for the podium as they lose to Russia 1 to 3. The Swiss took 15 shots on goal while Russia posted 36 shots on goal. It seemed the Swiss had a good chance at a run for a podium spot, but alas the Russians came in and took the win. The game was enliven by some missed opportunities by both teams during the first period and it seem that the first team to score would be the one to take control of the game. In the second period, Russia would score the first goal of the game and ultimately take the lead for the rest of the game late in the same period. The Swiss managed to score one goal in the game during the second period but Russia would go on to score two more goals with 6 minutes remaining in the second period. The third period would only produce a few chances for scoring on both sides but would remain quiet as Russia closed the game three goals to one, and will advance to the semi-finals to play Sweden.

Switzerland looked unready for what Russia brought to the table today. Russia had a few slip ups during the game, but each of their goals showed how they were in the right spot for the right time. Each goal from Russia looked strategized and planned even though the first came off of a rebound. While Russia looked like a well oiled machine today, the Swiss looked a little lost and helpless against this team. The first period was enough to keep people on the edges of their seats as the horn rang for intermission. Each side had plenty of chances to score in the first period and it looked like some were just bad luck. However, as the second period started, Russia was quick to take the lead with a rebounded, and highly uncontested, goal from Dmitry Voronkov, who would score the final goal of the game later in the second period. The Swiss’s only goal came from Gaetan Jobin, who has looked to play a big part in the offense for Switzerland the last two games in the round robin portion of the tournament. As there were only six minutes left in the second period, Russia would go on to score to crisp and clean goals to take the lead for the rest of the game. Both goals that came late in the second period were textbook hockey set-ups and were both executed nicely by the opposing team. The third saw a very measly attempt on goal by the Swiss, which was stopped by a pad from the Russian goalie. Both of Voronkov’s goals came during a power play for Russia, which proves the team was looking to take advantage with the situation they were, i.e. five on four. The only problem I had was the call late in the third period against the captain of the Swiss team, Tim Berni, for what seemed to be a “good” attempt at a dive by the Russian player, but with so little time left in the game and no goal scored due to the power play, it is what it is. It seemed that Russia was ready for this game, given last year’s victory over the Swiss for the bronze medal and the Russian team heading into their 14th semi-final in 16 years. I was hoping for and even expecting more out of this Swiss team who put up a good round robin performance and I was waiting to see if this team could move onto the semi-final. Alas, Russia took the win and Switzerland shall be heading home. It was a good run, but I am hoping to see a podium spot taken by the Swiss in the next World Junior tournament.

Switzerland has been a fun team to keep up with during the 2020 IIHF World Juniors, and they have played well. Switzerland seemed to be the team that was ready to come and win as much as they could. However, the Swiss could not convert as much as they wanted to with their shots on goal. I was hoping to see a podium run this year, but there is always next tournament. The Swiss will look for new prospects and will hope to have eligible players from this tournament as they prepare for the 2021 tournament in Alberta, Canada.

Photo: Swiss Ice Hockey/Facebook

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