State Of The Lakers

Round 1 Game 3

The nightcap of a full day of playoff game.

The Lakers came in as the road team

against The Portland Trailblazers The

series is tied 1-1. Both teams have felt

each other’s best punch. The stars of

both teams are playing through injuries.

This game is crucial for control of the


The 1st quarter the Blazers jumped out

early on the the Lakers taking a 18-10

lead off the hot shooting of Dame Lillard

and CJ McCollum who combined for 16 of

those points adding four 3 Pointers. The

Lakers would settle down with some

timely shooting. Blazers would go up

24-15 midway through the 1st period.

The Lakers would end the quarter would

cut the Blazers lead to 29-25 with a late

surge led by Lebron James and Kyle

Kuzma. Dame Lillard would finish the

quarter with 14 points already 3-5 from

beyond the arch.

In the 2nd quarter the game was back

and forth. The Blazers backcourt

continued their hot shooting with

McCollum hitting a few shots to extend

the Blazers lead. Lebron would take over

with a run of his own scoring 15 of the

Lakers 29 points in the quarter. This would

bring the Lakers closer to taking the lead

but McCollum who finished the half with

20 points hit a buzzer beater right before

halftime to extend the lead to 57-53 going

into the half. Lillard(19) and MCcollum(20)

combing for 39 of the Blazers points also

draining 8 three pointers. Lebron finished

the half with 22 points, 6 Rebounds, 3

Assist and 1 steal.

The 3rd quarter the Lakers were able to

break loose. Lebron started the quarter 9

points. Then Anthony Davis after a slow

start erupted with some powerful dunks.

The story of the quarter was the 1 on 1

matchup of Lebron and Melo who went

back and forth for a good 5 minutes of the

quarter. Melo would score 13 points II’m

the quarter and kept the Blazers in the

game. The Lakers scored 40 points in the

quarter to pull ahead 93-86.

The 4th quarter the Lakers took full

control of the game. AD found his shi

hitting 3 mid range jumpers in a row and

threw down a pretty alley oop from

Lebron. The Lakers defense stepped up

and forced the Blazers to shoot Los

percentage shots and forced key

turnovers whenever the Blazers were

trying to make a run. Lebron iced the

game with a long 3 pointer. The Lakers

would stay up double digits most of the


The Lakers would hold onto to the lead to

go up 2-1 in the best of 7 series with a

116-108 victory. Lebron would lead all

scorers with 38 points,12 Rebounds, and 8

Assists. Dame Lillard would finish with 34

points and was 5-11 From 3 point land.

My 2 Cents

The Lakers had a great effort for their dynamic duo AD and Lebron these 2 combined for 57 Points,23 Rebounds and 16 Assists big time play from two of the best players in the game today. This rubbed off on the rest of the team.

KCP hit some big shots to help the Lakers

get the lead In the 2nd half also he played

very good defense both Lillard and

McCollum. Alex Caruso was able to get

huge minutes in crunch time and dropped

10 points. Caruso kept the offense flowing

accordingly with James resting and made

timely passes in the final frame as well

setting up AD on a few mid range shot

makes. This was good to see since the

guard position is the Lakers most

vulnerable position.

The Lakers are now up 2-1. Lebron going

off felt like a message to the critics who

feel Lebron’s best days are behind him he

showed tonight he can still dominate a

game whenever if he wants to. Lebron

seemed to take it upon himself to be more

aggressive after having 2 lackluster

scoring performances but made up for it

with in other categories.

AD had a huge 2nd half that lifted the

Lakers to dominate scoring 23 of his 29

points in the half with a handful of dunks

most coming with contact something his

critics say he wants to avoid but not in the

last 2 games and it has made the Lakers

look like the dominant force they were

before the shutdown. This needs to

continue in this series and throughout the


The Lakers have found what works and

what doesn’t at the moment. This was

always going to be a tough series but the

Lakers have the better team and have

figured out what it takes to beat this

Blazers team who is prideful with a high

powered offense will keep fighting so the

Lakers better not get comfy and make

sure they prepare accordingly for

upcoming adjustments that will be made

for Game 4.

Wrtitten By:Pop Dibiase

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