State Of Lakers In The Bubble

Game 2


Lakers Vs Toronto Raptors

The Lakers came into this game facing

a 10 game losing streak to the 2019 NBA

Champs The Raptors most of that came

against some mediocre Lakers team but

the last 3 came against Lebron and

company. Lebron dominated The

Raptors when he ruled the East

(Heat;Cavs) for a decade but times

had changed since coming to LA.

Welp!! that number went to 11 and 4

after the scrappy Raptors defeated the

Lakers 107-92 with a tremendous effort

from Kyle Lowry who scored 33 Points

grabbed 14 rebounds and dished out 6


The Raptors jumped out to a 13-0 lead

and did it with some sharpshooting

hitting 3 3 pointers in that stretch. The

Lakers shook off the sluggish start and

gotta spark from the bench with Kyle

Kuzma leading the way scoring 7 of the

13 points from the bench who outscored

the starters to bring the Lakers within 2

to end the 1st quarter outscoring the

Raptors 21-10 over the last 5 minutes of

the quarter.

The 2nd quarter the bench continued to

be the story Dion Waiters scored 5

points in a row to give the Lakers their

1st lead of the game 28-27.

The Lakers bench continued to keep

them ahead with Caruso adding 5 points

to his total in which he would finish with

11 points on the night. Dwight Howard

physical was key in the quarter as well

anchoring the defense and cleaning the


The Lakers bench would score 31 of the

43 1st half points with Anthony Davis

being held to 2 points via Free Throws

and Lebron only had 8 at the half but

was much more aggressive in this 1st

half than prior game vs the Clippers.

The Lakers would lead 43-41 going into

the half.

The Raptors defense came out with the

clamps early in the 3rd quarter outscoring

the Lakers 20-7 including a 10-0 run

which put up Toronto by 11 points midway

through the 3rd quarter with Lowry

leading the way with 12 points and 7

rebounds in the quarter.

The Lakers shook off another slow start

as Anthony Davis started to get going

dropping 10 points in the 3rd but once

again it was because he was able to draw

multiple fouls that led to 8-8 from the Free

Throw line.

Davis overall on the night had a poor

shooting night from the field. The bench

supplied 11 points that would help the

Lakers get right back in the game to once

again to end the quarter the Lakers were

able to cut the deficit down to 2 points

trailing 72-70 going into the 4th quarter.

The 4th quarter seemed promising for the

Lakers getting off to great start with

Lebron hitting 2 straight 3 pointers to put

the Lakers up 4 early in the final quarter.

Which was answered by 2 3’s by OG

Anunoby who had a big quarter scoring 12

of his 24 points on the night in the final


The Lakers were able to get their

final lead of the night on a Kuzma 3

pointer to go 80-78. After that bucket the

Raptors would outscore the Lakers 29-12

to close out there 11th straight victory over

The Lake Show and tighten up their spot

as the East 2nd seed.

My 2 Cents

The Lakers starters other than Lebron and

AD who combined for 34 points points but

the rest of the starters only managed 8


Danny Green was a bit of a hinderance

with 0-7 from field 6 of those shots being

wide open 3 pointers which Green

struggled with in the opener.

Too early to be thinking about maybe

cutting Green’s minutes but with his shot

needs to start falling he was brought in to

be a 3 point specialist and if he isn’t

hitting his shot you have to find somebody

who is up to the task.

The Lakers bench was a bright spot

tonight dropping 50 points with 39 of

those points coming from this trio

Caruso(11),Kuzma(16),Waiters(12) who

helped lead each comeback and brought

the energy the Lakers were lacking

tonight. The bench outscored starters


The Lakers defense was much better

tonight but the killer was their shooting in

which they only shot 35% from the field

and also sloppy play that led to 17 turnovers.

The Raptors won the rebound battle

50-41 the Lakers are one of the top

teams in that category and were able to

grab 8 offensive rebounds which was 1

more than Toronto but lost the overall

battle 43-33.

The Lakers are getting back into to the

swing of things and played a very physical

game against the arch rival Clippers. This

is no excuse but Lebron and AD need

more help from their fellow starters who

were being spectators instead of


Frank Vogel might need to shake up the

lineup making a change in the backcourt.

The good thing is the Lakers are still

games of the Clippers with a magic

number of 3. This loss should help the

Lakers make the proper adjustments for

their next game against the Jazz who are

also 1-1 in the bubble.

Written By:Pop Dibiase

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