Should the New Orleans Saints Try a Deshaun Watson Trade?

Glenn Kaplan

The New Orleans Saints may lose Jameis Winston for the season with a knee injury. New Orleans is 5-2 so far this season after they defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-2) 36-27. The Saints are easily in playoff positioning in the NFC.

Taysom Hill is expected to be back next week for New Orleans. However, Hill is better in a swiss army knife role. Trevor Siemian is not a bad quarterback as a backup, but New Orleans will not win a Super Bowl with him. With the trade deadline looming on Tuesday, should the New Orleans Saints risk it all for Deshaun Watson?

I think it is worth a shot. This is one of the few teams that can mortgage the future for such a tricky situation. The NFL can’t technically suspend Deshaun Watson or place him on the commissioner’s exempt list at the current moment despite the potential lawsuits for Deshaun Watson’s situation. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made remarks about that last week.

Watson could suit up on another team right away if the Houston Texans traded him right away. Houston has been holding him out all season long up to this point. Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints are in win-now mode anyways. They can’t win a Super Bowl with Trevor Siemian or Taysom Hill at quarterback, but they certainly could with Deshaun Watson.

Even if the New Orleans Saints parted ways with the first-round selections for 2022, 2023, and 2024 NFL Draft, the New Orleans Saints draft so well in the later rounds it really doesn’t matter. I am not sure exactly what players New Orleans could give up in a trade for Deshaun Watson, but it is something interesting to talk about.

The New Orleans Saints have no interest in Cam Newton. Also, this is a nice thought that the New Orleans Saints could potentially trade for Deshaun Watson. I don’t think that New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton and general manager Mickey Loomis want to take on a potential headache situation for them.

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