See Ya in the Backfield, XFL Profile/Interview: Anthony “The Gut” Johnson

Nate Wahl

See Ya in the Backfield XFL Profile: Anthony “The Gut” Johnson

Height: 6’4
Weight: 290
Position: Combo DL, can play DE or DT.
College: Florida International (Miami, FL)
Hometown: Kingsland, Georgia. 35 minutes from Jacksonville, Florida.
High School: Camden County (GA)

Stats from FIU:

  • 83 tackles
  • 15.5 TFL
  • 10 Sacks
  • 6 PD
  • 7th in Conference USA in Sacks in 2017
  • Best Year (2017): 39 tackles, 8 TFL, 6.5 sacks, 2 PD
    Conference USA Honorable Mention

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Camp:

-Was offered a tryout by the Buccaneers this May. Stated in our interview that scouts wanted to see more as far as his leverage. Will stay in Tampa Bay and get his shot in the XFL Showcase with XFL Tampa Bay which starts in 19 days from today.

My +’s on Johnson:

  • Based on the film I have seen, Johnson is a high motor player that is a definite pass rusher but also is strong at stopping the run as well. His ability to do both will really help his stock in professional football.
  • The flexibility as a combo defensive lineman. Stated in our interview that he has a will to play anywhere on the field, even tight end which I think he could make an excellent blocking tight end.
  • Johnson is a knockdown player. Based on the film, when he’s in on the play nothing gets by him. The running back, wide receiver, etc. never get any extra yards on The Gut, and that’s a fact.
  • Being that I believe the XFL will be a faster game than say the AAF, I think his game translates well in having the opportunity to play defensive end or defensive tackle based on the offense Tampa Bay will go up against.

Other Facts about The Gut:

Favorite Foods: Chicken Alfredo, Puppy Chow

His Game is Modeled After:  Fletcher Cox. Current Defensive Tackle for Philadelphia Eagles (2012-Present) 4 Time Pro Bowler (2015-2018), 1 Time All-Pro.

One New Rule About the XFL: The play clock in the XFL will be 30 seconds which is 10 seconds left than the NFL, which is 40 seconds.

Other Offers out of HS included: Wake Forest

His Social Media Handles: Twitter: @thegut91 Instagram: @thegut91 Follow him!

You can check out our full interview here at the link below:

Nate Wahl, an interview with Anthony Johnson Sr. ( @TheGut91 ) by 12 oz. Sports Radio

Lead 12 oz Sports Radio write Nate Wahl interviews Anthony Johnson Sr., former lineman for FIU and pro football hopeful.


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