Reds Pitcher Trevor Bauer is the Ultimate Troll

Greg Cowan
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Trevor Bauer isn't the normal MLB player. He has always been very outspoken and that is what has made people either love or hate him. This offseason in particular has been an interesting one for Bauer, who came out very harshly against the Commissioner and his ideas for expanding the playoffs. Here is a reminder of what he said....


He is not afraid to mince words. That's what makes him so polarizing. On Monday, he decided to step up his game and troll the Houston Astros and their sign stealing scandal. While facing Matt Beaty of the Dodgers in the 4th inning, Bauer decided to tip his pitches. Bauer would flick his glove up when a fastball was coming and flick his glove down when it was going to be a curveball. Beaty simply just had to wait for his pitch, that he knew was coming. He ended up flying out, but watch it unfold below.

It was a bold move, but a hilarious one as well. Bauer knew it would get attention. He knew that everyone would have something to say. He was right. I loved the move. Even if it didn't pan out with Beaty lining out, instead of hitting a home run or anything, which would've proven the point of knowing whats coming helps. I just like seeing guys voicing their opinions on issues within the game and trying to get their point across.

Of course, Bauer has never had an issue in doing that, and I hope to some extent other players follow his lead. He may be trolling the MLB, but at least he's showing some personality with it.

It's something the league could use a little more of honestly.

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