Slovakia avoids upset; defeat Kazakhstan 3-1

JD Gaetan

  There is no secret that Samuel Hlavaj was going to be heavily relied on to stay in games through the IIHF World Juniors. One game Slovakia did not expect it to be needed was game one  against Kazakhstan. Although Kazakhstan put up a battle against Switzerland, Slovakia was still […]

A wins a win: USA beats Germany


  I’m going to start this one off with some thoughts first. This USA team has been very underwhelming for 4 periods and has performed well for 2 periods. Their big guns like Oliver Wahlstrom, Cole Caufield, and Alex Turcotte have a combined 3 points. Wahlstrom and Turcotte both took […]

Switzerland’s Expected Win Over Kazakhstan, 5-3

Ethan Yarbro

Switzerland came out of the first game of the tournament as victors over Kazakhstan. The final score was five to three and the amount of shots on goal reflect the score with Switzerland’s 34 shots versus Kazakhstan’s 19. I would love to say that this was a clean win for […]