NFL Hot Seat Meter: After Week 4

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Now that four full weeks of the NFL season are in the books. We can start to see the teams separate themselves from the pact. Also, some coaches have  separated themselves from the rest of the pact as well. These are the ones that have separated themselves in the wrong direction.

You’re Fired

Sean McDermott- Buffalo Bills

In his two years the Buffalo Bills have a combined -112 point differential. That is terrible! I wrote last week that I believed the Viking game to be a fluke. I was right. The Vikings were in a shootout with the #1 team in my NFL Rankings.
The Bills rank near the bottom of the league in points scored and allowed. And they are getting out gained 360-220 yards a game. That's not going to get it done.

Bill O'Brien- Houston Texans

The Texans are 1-3.
His offense is putting up plenty of yards. They had a 28-10 lead on Indianapolis and went into overtime. Indianapolis gifted them the game with a badly executed 4th down play. If they can keep DeShawn Watson clean they can put up points but that’s their problem. They have the Next coach on my list coming to town.

Jason Garrett- Dallas Cowboys

He is a former back-up quarterback. You would think he would run an offense that suits the team.
The Cowboys are currently ranked in the bottom three in yards and points scored on offense.
They have a top 5 defense that spends too much time on the field.
Cowboys fans won't let him survive another 4-12 season

Dirk Koetter- Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Yes, the Buccaneers are leading the NFL in passing yards per game. Problem is they can’t stop the passing game at all. They are worst in the NFL at that. They can’t run the ball. Which is what make Jameis Winston successful. He thrives off play action pass. If Jameis can’t save their season Dirk Koetter will get canned. You can’t give up 6 TD to Mitch Trubisky and lost by 38 points and keep your job.

Getting Hotter

Todd Bowles- New York Jets 

Since he arrived the Jets have trended down not up like you would like to see. You are a defensive minded coach and you allow a rookie come of the bench and beat you. Last year the Jets ranked 25th in yards allowed. He has to have a successful 4th year or I think he will be gone

Hue Jackson- Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns with good coaching and play calling down the stretch would easily be 4-0. The Browns have talent now but I don't think Hue Jackson and his coaching staff can coach winning football in the fourth quarter.

Adam Gase- Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins were off to a hot start. Who thought that they would open the season 3-0. I sure didn't. Their first big test was going up to Foxborough to play the Patriots. Which is a test they failed miserably. The final score was 38 to 0.

Cooling Off

Mike McCarthey- Green Bay Packers

Unless Mike McCarthy can magically start calling a balance run/pass game. Then I think it’s time to part ways with him. He is wasting the talent that is Aaron Rodgers. And if the Vikings figure out how to comeback and win the Division. I believe Packer fans will be ready to let him go. In all honesty, the Packers will have to miss the Playoffs with a healthy Aaron Rodgers before anyone would consider firing McCarthy.

Jay Gruden- Washington Redskins

The Redskins are 2-1 and should be 3-0 if they would have showed up on a road game in Indianapolis. They ranked in the top ten on offense and defense. They are playing sound football. If the Redskins keep this up he will keep his job and fall off this list soon.

Marvin Lewis- Cincinnati Bengals

Going into every year without a playoff win, I wonder how Marvin Lewis still has a job with the Bengals. He has been there since 2000. Yes, the year after the Ravens won the Super Bowl. He was the Defensive Coordinator. This year the Bengals have played pretty well. They are 3-1 and in the thick of it for the Division and the Conference as a whole. They are doing it a little differently this year. The Bengals always seem to have a fierce defense. This year they are doing it with offense. They are 6th in the NFL in points scored. They are 18th in Yards allowed. As long as he keeps winning I’ll keep him here. But if they hit a losing streak he’ll rise up my board.

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