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Welcome to night number two of the NBA everybody. For the first time doing NBA Gambling Props on BETUS last night for opening night, I was 9-3 with my props. Ten games will be on tap for Wednesday night, but I will choose props for the five games that I like for Wednesday night.

Game 1: Indiana Pacers vs Charlotte Hornets: Domantas Sabonis: Over 40.5 PTS+REB+ASTS: Sabonis is a double-double machine for the Indiana Pacers. The money line here is -115. The same goes for the under -115. The Indiana Pacers offense goes through him and I feel like this is easy money.

Domantas Sabonis: Over 11.5 rebounds: The money line is -115 and the under is -115. Sabonis is going up against a Charlotte Hornets team who isn’t that strong on the glass.

Malcolm Brogdon: Over 21.5 points: With Caris LeVert being out for the first four games of the regular season for the Indiana Pacers, I like this bet a lot for tonight. Brogdon is the second-best scorer on Indiana’s roster. The money line here is -115 for the over and for the under 21.5 points it is also -115.

LaMelo Ball: Over 6.5 assists: The money line on this is -105. The under money line on BETUS is -125. LaMelo Ball is going to want to get his teammates involved in this basketball game early and often.

LaMelo Ball 31.5 PTS+REB+ASTS: Over -125. Under -105. Money line. Terry Rozier has been ruled out for tonight’s game and this is easy money with LaMelo Ball carrying the load.

Miles Bridges: Over 16.5 PTS: The money line on this is -110. For the over, it is -120. I feel like Miles Bridges will be the second-leading scorer tonight with Terry Rozier ruled out.

Game 2: Boston Celtics vs New York Knicks: Jayson Tatum: Over 27.5 points: The money line on this is -120. The under is -110. With Jaylen Brown playing tonight and not being 100 percent, I feel like Jayson Tatum is going to score a boatload of points for the Boston Celtics. If Brown is ruled out last second for some apparent reason, this is a slam dunk choice for tonight.

Marcus Smart: Over 21.5 PTS+REBS+ASTS: I love the number at 21.5 here. He may only score 10 points in this basketball game, but he may grab eight rebounds and record four assists. Marcus Smart is probably the third-best player on the Boston Celtics roster. The money line for the over is -125 and for the under it is -105.

Marcus Smart: Over 3.5 REBS: The money line here is -115. The under is also the same. Marcus Smart is one of the more athletic players on the floor for the Boston Celtics and they are not particularly a big basketball team.

Julius Randle: Over 36.5 PTS+REBS+ASTS: I know Julius Randle played poorly last season for the New York Knicks in the postseason, but he was tremendous in the regular season. Randle is by far the best offensive player on the New York Knicks and he is going to attack the glass. The over for this prop is -120 and the under is -110.

R.J. Barrett: Over 15.5 PTS: -120 on the money line on BETUS for that prop. I think R.J. Barrett is going to want to show that he is the second-best scorer on this roster. The under for this prop is -110. Barrett was inconsistent last season and that is my only worry here.

Kemba Walker: Over 3.5 ASTS: -160 on the money line on BETUS for that prop. For the under, the money line is +130. I think Kemba Walker will get his teammates involved. I would find it very hard to believe that Kemba Walker would have less than 3.5 assists tonight

Game 3: Cleveland Cavaliers vs Memphis Grizzlies: Collin Sexton: Over 22.5 points: The money line for this prop on BETUS is -115 and the under is also the same at -115. Collin Sexton is the go-to scorer on this basketball team. He will get his points tonight and he is also in a prove-it contract year.

Darius Garland: Over 25.5 points+rebounds+assists: A lot of people feel like Garland is a breakout candidate. The over and the under is -115 for this prop on BETUS. Darius Garland is going to want to get his teammates involved.

Jarrett Allen: Under 8.5 Rebounds: The money line for this is -110 and the over is -120. Jarrett Allen is the center for the Cleveland Cavaliers, but they also have Evan Mobley now as a solid rebounder and it isn’t easy grabbing rebounds against the Memphis Grizzlies basketball team.

Ja Morant: Over 36.5 PTS+REB+ASTS: The money line here is -115 and so is the under on BETUS. The Cleveland Cavaliers do not have a very good defensive backcourt and were one of the worst defensive teams in the NBA last season. I trust Ja Morant to score 25-30 points in his sleep and grab at least four rebounds and record nine assists.

Jaren Jackson Jr.: Under 17.5 PTS: The money line here is -110 and the over is -120. Jaren Jackson Jr. is going to be a stud this season, but tonight doesn’t feel like that night he is going to score a lot of points for the Memphis Grizzlies.

Jaren Jackson Jr.: Over 5.5 REBS: The money line here is -135 and for the under, it is +105 on BETUS. I feel like this is a safe pick here.

Game 4: Philadelphia 76ers vs New Orleans Pelicans: Joel Embiid over 28.5 Points: The money line here is -115. The under is also -115 on BETUS. With Ben Simmons out tonight and potentially forever in Philadelphia, Joel Embiid is a different basketball player without him.

Joel Embiid: Over 10.5 Rebounds: The money line here is -115 and so is the under. Joel Embiid is a walking double-double on the basketball court when he is healthy.

Tobias Harris: Over 1.5 3-point field goals made: The money line here is +190. The under-money line is -230. I feel like this is another free money betting prop. Harris shot 39.4 percent from 3-point land last season.

Brandon Ingram: Under 23.5 Points: The odds for this are -115 and the over is the same money line at -115 on BETUS. Ingram may be the go-to scorer on this basketball team, but the Philadelphia 76ers are pretty good defensively.

Jonas Valanciunas: Over 27.5 PTS+REBS+ASTS: The money line here is -115. I feel like Jonas Valanciunas is going to score 17 points and grab 12 rebounds tonight alone for the New Orleans Pelicans.

Devonte Graham: Over 15.5 PTS: The odds for this is -115. The same is also goes for the under. Graham will have a major impact on his new basketball team.

Game 5: Phoenix Suns vs Denver Nuggets: Nikola Jokic: Over 44.5 PTS+REBS+ASTS: The over is -115 on BETUS and the under is -115 also with the money line. Nikola Jokic dominated against the Phoenix Suns last season despite Denver struggling against Phoenix. Jokic is a walking double-double every single night for the Denver Nuggets.

Nikola Jokic: Over 11.5 REBS: The over is +105. The under is -135. Give me the over in this one. We are talking about free money here with this prop folks.

Michael Porter Jr.: Under 6.5 REBS: Michael Porter Jr. is known more for his scoring than rebound. Porter Jr. will have to face some wing defenders tonight like Jae Crowder and DeAndre Ayton for the Phoenix Suns. The odds for this prop are +105. The over is -135.

Devin Booker: Under 27.5 PTS: During the postseason last year, Devin Booker barely eclipsed the 21 points mark at home against the Denver Nuggets but went over this total on the road. The Phoenix Suns are home tonight so give me the under for this one. The money line for the under is -115. The same also goes for the over at -115.

Devin Booker: Over 2.5 3’s: The money line here is +110. The under is -140.

Chris Paul: Over 29.5 PTS+REBS+ASTS: The money line here is -115. The under-money line is also -115.

Good luck with your bets, whatever you choose.

-Glenn Kaplan, 12oz Sports Contributor, Live Monday’s at 3 p.m. ET & Thursday at 11 a.m. ET on 12oz Sports

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