After last season’s bubble experiment went off without a single positive COVID test, the NBA is having a hard time controlling the spread now that teams are playing in their own arenas and traveling city to city.  Stars Kevin Durant and Jayson Tatum have missed games due to COVID protocols.  Nobody gave the NFL a pass when they fumbled their handling of the pandemic and games got postponed, yet the NBA hasn’t been held to the same standard.  Adam Silver and other league executives are meeting with the NBA Players Association today to discuss protocols and how to move forward in the best way possible.  How will they get the league back on track?  I have a simple solution that allows games to be played on schedule.



The number of postponed games is increasing rapidly and the league has looked ill-prepared for these unusual circumstances just months after setting the bar high with their well executed NBA Bubble at the Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL.  Here we are in 2021, and simply telling teams and employees to wear a mask and stay safe is an ignorant and short-sighted approach for a league full of billionaire businessmen.  Positive tests WILL HAPPEN no matter how hard you to try to keep them from happening.  It’s the world we live in today.  Nobody wants to see another league shutdown and the NBA needs to have options in place to ensure that doesn’t happen.  With an abundance of talent in the G-League as well as overseas it’s puzzling to see games being postponed because teams can’t construct a competitive roster due to COVID complications.


The NBA should have been better prepared for these situations to arise.  While the G-League is full of talented players waiting for their opportunity at the next level, The NBA is telling us that games can’t be played ‘due to an inability to have at least eight eligible players.”  At this point most teams have their own affiliate with players they selected to be a part of their franchise.  I CALL BULLSHIT.  Allow G-League players to be called up at any time and get these games played!

Tyler Valdez

@tyylerv – Twitter



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