NBA Betting Props: Friday Night Action

Glenn Kaplan

Happy Friday everyone, it is time for some more NBA Betting Props for tonight’s NBA Action! On Wednesday night, I went 18-12 with my picks. There were a lot of close calls on Wednesday night, but we will see how I do with more picks on Friday night.

Game 1: Charlotte Hornets vs Cleveland Cavaliers: LaMelo Ball: Over 32.5 PTS+REBS+ASTS the over money line for this on BETUS is -115. The under is also -115. This feels like an easy one because LaMelo Ball exploded for 31 points the other night. The Cleveland Cavaliers defense was horrendous on Wednesday night against Ja Morant.

LaMelo Ball: Over 19.5 PTS: The over for this money line on BETUS is -110. The under for it is -120. Cleveland will have no one to guard him.

Gordon Hayward: Over 29.5 PTS+REBS+ASTS: Gordon Hayward scored 27 points alone against the Indiana Pacers. If Terry Rozier is out, this is another good bet.

Collin Sexton: Over 21.5 PTS: The money line here is -120. The under is -110. Sexton will face a not-so-strong defensive team. With Darius Garland being a game-time decision, Sexton needs to be better in the second game.

Evan Mobley: Under 3.5 ASTS: The money line for this is -155. The over is +125. He had six assists in his first game, but I don’t see him going over this mark for the second consecutive game.

Jarrett Allen: Over 9.5 REBS: The money line for this -110 on BETUS. The under is -120. The Charlotte Hornets gave up a lot of rebounds the other night to Damantas Sabonis on the Indiana Pacers.

Game 2: Indiana Pacers vs Washington Wizards: Malcolm Brogdon: Under 22.5 PTS: The money line for the under is +720. The over for BETUS is -1120. Brogdon struggled to reach that point total until late in the second half against the Charlotte Hornets the other night. Betting the over here is extremely pointless.

Damantas Sabonis: Over 41.5 PTS+REBS+ASTS: The money line here is -120. The under-money line on BETUS is -110. Sabonis is the best player on the Indiana Pacers by a mile.

Chris Durate: Over 21.5 PTS+REBS+ASTS: Durate scored 27 points alone the other night. This rookie is already starting and is a microwave scorer. The Washington Wizards are not very good defensively either.

Game 3: Phoenix Suns vs Los Angeles Lakers: DeAndre Ayton: Over 10.5 Rebounds: The over money line is -125. The under money line is -105. DeAndre Ayton was a rebounding machine on the road last season in the postseason against the Los Angeles Lakers. In two of those three games, he reached over the 10.5 rebounds total.

Devin Booker: Over 25.5 Points: The money line for the over and the under on BETUS is -115. Devin Booker torched the Los Angeles Lakers in the postseason on the road last season, especially in that Game 6. Booker seems to be a better scorer on the road than he does at home.

Mikal Bridges: Under 12.5 Points: The money line for the under on BETUS is -125 the money line for the over is -105. Mikal Bridges seems to be the most consistently inconsistent scorer on the roster.

Anthony Davis: Over 0.5 3-pointers made: The money line for this -155. The under is +125. Anthony Davis looked sharp the other night and he usually knocks down a couple of three-pointers.

Lebron James: Over 37.5 PTS+REBS+ASTS: The over is -110 and the under is -120. Lebron James recorded a double-double the other night and I think he is going to do the same tonight and he is on a mission.

Russell Westbrook: Under 7.5 ASTS: The money line for this -135 on BETUS. The over is +105 for 7.5 assists. Westbrook doesn’t have the outside shooters around him, plus the Phoenix Suns didn’t give up many assists the other night against the Phoenix Suns.

Game 4: New Orleans Pelicans vs Chicago Bulls: Nickeil Alexander-Walker Over 24.5 PTS +REBS +ASTS: The odds here are -115. The under is also -115 for BETUS.

Brandon Ingram over 33.5 PTS+REBS+ASTS: -115 odds for the over and -115 for the under. I am not making the same mistake I made the other night. Ingram can score 25 points in his sleep, especially with Zion Williamson out.

Zach LaVine: Over 34.5 PTS+REBS+ASTS: LaVine is one of the most athletic point guards in the NBA. The money line is -115 and the under is -110.

Game 5: Utah Jazz vs Sacramento Kings: Jordan Clarkson. Under 3.5 Rebounds: The odds for this bet is -180. The over is +150.

Rudy Gobert: Under 13.5 Rebounds: The underline is -135. The over is +105 on BETUS. I find getting 14 rebounds against a center like Richaun Holmes, even a player of Rudy Gobert’s caliber is a lot.

DeAaron Fox: Over 5.5 Assists: The money line for this is +110. The under money line is -140. I know the Utah Jazz players a really bad Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team the other night, who didn’t record a lot of assists, but De’Aaron Fox is a playmaker for this Sacramento Kings offense. I feel like this is a free money pick right here.

Good luck tonight everyone.

-Glenn Kaplan, 12oz Sports Contributor, Live Monday’s at 3 p.m. ET & Thursday at 11 a.m. ET on 12oz Sports

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